Redefining Enterprise Communications : SIP Trunking

Redefining Enterprise Communications

With more businesses moving to IP-based technology, SIP and VoIP are not just the buzzwords of the enterprise communication industry. Infact they’re redefining enterprise communications on a whole new level. From quick and new innovations to reduced cost, this technology is now changing the dynamics of communication. What started out as an innovative method for […]

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ISDN Switch off – What does it mean for you?

ISDN Switch Off

As you’re probably aware, BT announced that the big ISDN switch off will happen by 2025, meaning any services on ISDN by this date will have to be forced onto a different platform. This may sound scary but it’s actually a brilliant change for all industries in the UK, opening up a whole new world […]

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Tips for Effective inbound call strategies using SIP solutions

SIP Solutions

A stable economy is what gives the modern-day business a platform to prosper. With smooth cash flow, an increase in disposable income and financial stability, consumers are now more confident about their purchasing. Since the purchasing power of potential business prospects is more likely to increase. Small and medium-sized businesses a chance to see what […]

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Yealink Acoustic Shield – How to solve background noise using this brand-new feature

Yealink Acoustic Shield

Yealink have once again outdone themselves proving they deserve to be the second-best selling VoIP phone manufacturer on the market. With their latest innovation of the Yealink Acoustic Shield proving to be a great new feature, both in our office and with some of our customers. It can be difficult to work from home with […]

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Effective Conference Calling: Tips and tricks for improving productivity

Effective Conference Calls: Tips and tricks for improving productivity

With the increase in the significance of virtual meetings, the cost of conference calling is also skyrocketing. One of the major reasons for rapid growth and an increase in the use of teleconferencing is the ease of remote work. Combine it with global outsourcing and the adaption of teleconferencing is now a global phenomenon used […]

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