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Hosted Diallers: Maximise your sales agents efficiency

Hosted Diallers - Maximise your sales agents efficiency

How hosted diallers can improve the performance of your sales agents The world of sales is a pressure-filled one, dictated by targets, leads, and figures. When your agents aren’t worrying about the amount of leads they’re chasing, or the money they’ve earned, they’ll no doubt be concerned by their inability to call two people at […]

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Call centres, have you moved to VoIP hosted phone system? If not, why not?

Call centre hosted VoIP phone system

VoIP hosted phone systems for Call Centres As the title suggests this blog will be discussing the benefits of VoIP for call centres. Have you made the switch to a hosted phone system yet, or are you too concerned about change to look into its prospects? Working in a call centre you rely on your […]

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