5 Robust Business Benefits of VoIP You Cannot Simply Ignore

Using a traditional telephone system is considered old fashioned these days. It does not only cost the businesses a bulk load of money but also sometimes results in inefficiency in your company. On the other hand, VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is comparatively much more efficient and less costly for your organisation. Here are our top business benefits of VoIP that you just cannot ignore.

1. It lowers the cost for you

Every business owner looks out for the best money-saving without affecting the quality of their services or products. Money-saving is considered one of the best benefits of VoIP that many business owners appreciate. It is understood that traditional telephone calls generally can charge a fortune for every minute of call time. Using VoIP means these costs suddenly become a lot more affordable.

2. It offers you extensive additional features

A lot of people may not know the features that typically come with a VoIP Phone System. One of the main advantages of VoIP phone systems is that it enables you to get a massive variety of different features, that you can pick and choose to suit your style of business, while all included in your flat monthly fee.

3. It is highly reliable

The biggest disadvantage of a traditional phone system is the support attached to it, if you have issues, you’ll usually find yourself having to convince an engineer to come out and potentially lose days of productivity due to an issue outside of your control. VoIP tends to be different; most services offer twin availability on servers and connections with the servers nearby on the telecom’s companies’ site. This means that you generally will not even notice if there is an outage, as the equipment will automatically fail over when an issue is detected. Leading to a much higher uptime than most traditional phone systems can get.

4. It helps you to communicate more effectively

VoIP can provide the best solution for your business. For instance, you have extreme control over your call routing. The system can ring for a few seconds on your desk phone then if unanswered pass through various extensions, making sure that your calls are answered effectively.

5. It is easy to install, configure and maintain

Most VoIP Solutions are simply plug and play, there’s tonnes of customisation that can be done for you, or even by yourself on an online portal, but this is not required. The most you need to do is plug the phones in, they then configure themselves and you’re ready to go. All support of the phones can be done remotely and efficiently. Gone are the days of waiting for someone to come out to solve your issue!

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