5 Observable Benefits of Using a Hosted Dialler Solution in Your Organisation

A hosted dialler is the best solution for businesses these days. It integrates a sophisticated adaptive algorithm along with cloud technology. A hosted dialler solution can give you the necessary tools to succeed in a call centre environment no matter the size of your business. Not only does a Hosted Dialler increase productivity and talk time, it substantially lowers the cost compared to traditional methods, here are some of the best benefits of Using a Hosted Dialler Solution.

1. Helps to Boost Sales

Hosted dialler solutions can help a lot in increasing the number of call connections, which ultimately results in call efficiency. When your organisation improves it’s call efficiency – it ultimately provides customer satisfaction. Call centre software can quickly and efficiently get your sales team on the phone to your next prospective customer.

2. Reduced Cost

Traditional in-house dialler systems are incredibly expensive to implement and support, the upfront costs alone are enough to make you wince. A Hosted Dialler however is completely scalable and flexible to your needs, meaning it’s not out of reach financially when it used to be. At the end of the day, a solution that fits you will always be the best financial choice, and hosted systems fit around you to make that so.

3. Enhanced Security

Hosted dialler solutions consolidate several systems all into one, a CRM system with customer details, as well as your notes on each individual call and even your call recordings. All of this is accessible only by you, meaning security is tight, you control your customers data and as long as you keep good practices in hand, your data will forever be safe.

4. CRM Integration

All modern Hosted Dialler solutions contain an integrated CRM, which includes all customer details, as well as call records, call recording and any notes you may have added. Having this at your fingertips means no matter where you are you can see exactly what’s happening and run reports to see how your agents are performing with some very detailed analytics. No more operating from Excel spreadsheets!

5. Flexibility to Work Remotely

As hosted dialler solutions are well, Hosted. This means you can have your agents dialling from anywhere, even their homes, cutting back on potential office expenditure by having a remote workforce anywhere in the world. Worried about productivity going down? Don’t be, you’ve got the capability to keep an eye on them from anywhere using the built-in live reporting feature.

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