How to effectively work from home with your office phone.

Here we look into the practicalities of using your office phone from home.

Some people think it’s easy some think it’s difficult and until you actually try it you won’t know whether it works for you so here we have some options and solutions for you.

A lot of people just use their mobile when working from home, which on the face of it appears fine, but unless you withhold your number all your suppliers and customers then know your personal mobile number! which now means you are on call 24×7 from now on, or withhold the number and they don’t answer because they think it might be some telesales person trying to flog them something, neither option is desirable.

Solution for outgoing calls

A solution for outgoing calls is have one of our phone lines which works over your existing internet line at home, and we can program the line so it uses your existing office/desk/DDI number so it “looks” like you are calling from your office phone, in your home office you can either use a soft-phone (PC/Mobile App) or use a proper desk phone (see shop link below for different phones)

Solution for incoming calls

A Solution for incoming calls is to put a divert on your office extension (or ask your IT/Phone people to do it) this diverts to your new phone line DDI number and rings the phone in your home!

As far as anyone is concerned it still looks like you are in the office and it’s business as usual

Like anything in life it’s only easy if you know how; and we do,
so give us a call and see how we can help.

Choose your phone

You can either use a PC or Mobile App (ask us for the download link) or use a proper looking desk phone of which there are several types to choose from with a price to suit all budgets.
Have a look at our VoIP Phone Shop to see what models are available, we recommend Yealink phones as these really are plug and play with zero end user setup required as we do all the complex stuff for you and usually they can be delivered to your doorstep on the next working day.

How long does it take to setup?

The account and back-end config takes about 10 mins, the soft-phone download, installation, configuration takes about another 10 minutes, so you could be up and running very quickly, a proper desk phone usually can be delivered to your doorstep the next working day

Got any Questions?

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