Redefining Enterprise Communications : SIP Trunking

With more businesses moving to IP-based technology, SIP and VoIP are not just the buzzwords of the enterprise communication industry. Infact they’re redefining enterprise communications on a whole new level. From quick and new innovations to reduced cost, this technology is now changing the dynamics of communication. What started out as an innovative method for small businesses and start-ups, it is now the standard for communication amongst the consumer and businesses sectors.

Behind the scenes of SIP Trunking:

VoIP can be divided into two major models, namely hosted VoIP and SIP. Before we start talking about SIP, let’s first understand what it is. SIP stands for Session for Initiation Protocol and is the technology behind how calls are routed over the internet, because of this, the cost involved in setting up a SIP Trunk is substantially lower and easier than other, older solutions.

One key advantage of SIP Trunking is that it reduces the cost of call charges substantially. SIP can manage video calls and voice calls, providing your business with a unified communication method. It benefits the business with scalability and consolidated communication billing. This is just one of the ways it’s redefining enterprise communications and even for smaller businesses.

The best part about SIP Trunking is that it doesn’t require network engineer expertise or high-tech and expensive equipment for setup. All you need is a SIP Trunk Provider and a Compatible Phone System.

How does SIP Trunking benefit your business?

As the business expands, you need better plans and options to make your communication system more flexible and affordable. Here are some of the benefits of SIP Trunking that you should look forward to when planning your telecommunications:

1. Decreased costs:

Whether you want to enjoy multiple calls at once or you want to make multiple international calls, SIP Trunking can always be chosen for better and highly affordable rates. SIP service providers let you buy channels – which are best thought of as lines, while allowing you to add new numbers and expand when necessary. With a simple set up procedure, it can easily be implemented through your internet over the cloud, or it could be integrated as a part of a UC platform.

2. Flexibility:

SIP Trunking allows you to enable newly added channels within minutes which would usually take days and months with previous solutions. Another significant aspect of SIP Trunking is that it will enable you to use a hybrid approach for your enterprise communication. You can even couple the traditional telephony system with the innovations of SIP Trunking while providing you with far better benefits.

3. Reliability:

SIP Trunking runs over internet and broadband connections which previously put off a lot of people, however with the rising reliability of current internet connections, this is rarely an issue anymore, coupled with the ability to reroute calls instantly if your internet does fail, there is multiple levels of redundancy that can be introduced for a downtime conscience individual.

From top-notch voice quality to proper handling of simultaneous calls, SIP Trunking helps you with low upfront investment and potential improvement in ROIs. It allows your business to make the most of this transitional technology while redefining enterprise communication as a whole.

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