New Salespeople: Tips for starting their new career..


Helpful hints on how to start the job the right way for new salespeople… Joining any team can be daunting, particularly if you’re expected to hit the ground running and meet targets from the get-go. Imagine, then, how new salespeople are likely to feel as they set foot in your office or call centre for the first […]

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General Election 2017: What does the upcoming mean for British businesses?

UK General Election

General Election 2017: Who’s promising what… By the time you read this blog post you may already have some idea how you’ll choose to vote come June 8th. On the other hand, you may still be as confused as ever. While we’d never tell you how to vote, we can offer a little information regarding […]

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Marketing for new businesses… VoxCloud top 5 tips

Marketing for new businesses... VoxCloud top 5 tips

Marketing tips for new businesses Congratulations on taking that leap; you’ve turned a dream into reality, and struck out on your own. Marketing can be a daunting aspect of starting a new business, but it really needn’t be. Indeed, here are just five tips that could take you to success in a relatively short space […]

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VoIP: From garages to garden centres, why your small business should make the switch

VoIP: From garages to garden centres

How you can improve your business communications with VoIP technology If you’ve ever considered making a switch to VoIP before, the chances are you were put off by an assumption that this kind of technology isn’t for you. VoIP is for big call centres and medium-sized offices, isn’t it? However, the number, and variety, of […]

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Hosted phone systems: Voxclouds beginner’s guide

Beginners guide to hosted phone systems

Hosted Phone systems… An introduction to  VoIP So, you want to invest in a hosted phone system? Good idea! If you’re walking into the process relatively blindly, and with little idea of what’s out there, we suggest you read this handy guide we’ve compiled just for you. This may just be the best blog you read […]

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