Landline numbers versus mobile numbers for small businesses

There can be little doubt that using a mobile number for your business has its advantages. Indeed, if your company operates using a mobile number you’ve perhaps noticed the freedom and flexibility that such a means of communication offers. However, it’s also true that mobile numbers have their disadvantages…

An air of unprofessionalism

The use of mobile numbers on your literature and website could give the impression of unprofessionalism; a reputation we’re sure you won’t deserve. While they’re not always as convenient as their mobile counterparts localised landline numbers usually gain customers’ trust more easily.

Open all hours

Mobile phones can, and will ring at all hours of the day and night if they’re allowed to, providing an unwelcome distraction when you’re attempting to switch off. While landline numbers tend to suggest regular office hours, a mobile number can insinuate that you’re open all hours.

The issue of interruptions

Imagine that you’re trying to complete an important project, only to find yourself distracted time and time again by a trilling mobile phone. The good news is that you’ll get back on track eventually. The bad news is that it takes an average of 23 minutes and 15 seconds for tasks to be resumed with any productivity. Now imagine that your important project involves a client, and you’ll begin to see how an incessantly ringing phone might hamper business…

The inability to divert calls

The use of a single mobile number can make it incredibly difficult to redirect calls to specific departments. The alternative would be to assign each department a mobile number, but where’s the sense in dividing your business in such a way?

So, what’s the answer?

The answer to these kinds of issues is relatively simple; a geographic landline number, which can be assigned virtually. Such a number will enable local businesses to remain relevant to their customers, with every area code that you can imagine available for use – regardless of where you’re based. Similarly, non-geographic numbers can propel smaller companies onto a national stage, giving them the use of 0333 and 0800 prefixes if they’d prefer. There’s just something about a landline number that gives businesses more credibility; customers are often more reassured by a company that has a fixed abode, and matching telephone number.

Virtual telephone numbers have other benefits, of course…

Eradicating issues associated with loss or theft

Mobile phones are easy to lose track of; it would be particularly damaging for a small business if its main means of communication were to be lost, stolen or broken. A fixed landline that’s hosted in the cloud is permanent, ensuring your customers will never be left frustrated by an inability to contact you.

Changeable and flexible

Virtual phone numbers can be changed relatively quickly and easily, which is ideal for up and coming businesses looking to scale their operations. With an inbound number your customers will still be able to contact you until the necessary alterations have been made.

An air of mystery

Although calls may be diverted to your mobile phone via an inbound number, your customers and suppliers needn’t know your personal contact details; calls are re-routed automatically, meaning you need only give your ‘business’ number.

An option or two

Inbound and virtual numbers are far more flexible than regular landline numbers, providing a number of options for your suppliers and customers. Would you like callers to press ‘1’ for accounts, or ‘3’ for sales? With these kinds of telephone numbers the options are as limitless as your imagination. What’s more, telephone calls can be redirected to any number of mobile phones if you’re likely to be out of the office – or dealt with in your own time as you’ve the option of voicemail. This means customer service at its finest and most flexible, even when you’re enjoying precious holiday time. Say “goodbye” to those Piña Colada disasters, and “hello” to a little quiet time.

Time to expand

Virtual numbers are ideal for businesses of every size, and can be used to send calls to a ‘proper’ desk phone. This is a great way for companies to present a professional image, and opens the door for a variety of call-handling features, including ring groups and voicemail. What’s more you’ll be able to add mobile phones and desk phones, which is great for when you’re expanding or moving offices. Indeed, you could even retain your geographic telephone number if you’ve moved away from the area – ideal for retaining customer loyalty and that local connection.

If your interest has been piqued please do drop us a line. We look forward to discussing your telephone number needs with you – Piña Colada or not!