Hold it! The benefits of putting your customers on hold

As a customer you’ve no doubt heard it all before. Hold music, that is, and the benefits of putting your customers on hold. Whether you’ve rocked out to Greensleeves, enjoyed a rave to some 90’s trance, or listened, with increasing boredom to an easy-listening mash up the chances are you could identify a handful of companies based upon their choice of hold music alone. Oh, not forgetting those seemingly empty promises of moving up the queue, and your call remaining important of course. During your day job you’re perhaps conscious of using hold music. Surely the wrong choice of track, or incessant chatter is going to turn customers away. However, there can be benefits of hold music which may help you get ahead in business.

So, what are the benefits of putting your customers on hold?

Despite their automated nature hold music and recorded messages reassures customers that they remain your top priority. They’re not listening to white noise or a ring tone, but a recognisable jingle that lets them know they’re waiting to speak to one of your trusted advisers. Hold music is capable of pitting the smallest companies against their big-named competitors. You too are able to rise to the dizzying heights of hold music, whether that’s a polyphonic tone or a familiar pop song. Besides, who has any concept of time when they’re busily singing along with whatever music is blaring out of their phone receiver? Certainly not anyone anxious, or frustrated about how long they’ve been waiting. Hold music can be something of a guilty pleasure.

Don’t just play music…

There’s something more valuable than hold music which you could be playing instead. Well, your customers aren’t going anywhere they might as well listen to a valuable sales pitch, or some general information about the products and services that you’re offering. According to recent research one third of customers will make a decision, or purchase based upon information they’ve received via a recorded telephone message. That’s one in every three customers that will buy from your business, or upgrade their service on your pre-recorded recommendation. Can you afford to pass up such an opportunity? After all, while Greensleeves and so-called ice cream van music might inspire tuneless whistling, a sales pitch will inspire so much more.

You needn’t push the boat out, either. Your hold patter could be as simple as interesting information pertaining to your business. On the other hand you may wish to use that 30 seconds to introduce a new product, or discuss relevant policies and processes. Hold music costs very little, but its returns could be incredibly influential.

Make an Impression

Your hold music is your first chance to make an impression upon your customers. A lack of any music is likely to frustrate potential customers or suppliers, while a flurry of medieval ballads and pan-pipe muzak could send them running for the hills. Who is your target audience, and what do they want to hear? You’ll never get a second chance to make a first impression, so be sure to consider your options carefully!

Now, please do continue to hold. Your attention is important to us…

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