Using a VoIP system to monitor, barge and coach your staff

Using a VoIP system to monitor barge and coach your staff

Call recording is so important to businesses of all shapes and sizes. Each recording can be used for quality and training purposes, to address compliance or aid a staff appraisal, as well as helping managers to identify problematic staff members or lack of motivation. If you’ve not considered the prospect allow us to put it […]

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iPhone XS, Dual Sim, eSim, How it works

There are many articles on the web about this subject, many of them are US based and some of them I read during the process of getting my phone to work, there are some gotchas so I thought I would share my experiences to save other people some time and hassle. Here goes, iPhone XS, […]

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Hold it! The benefits of putting your customers on hold

As a customer you’ve no doubt heard it all before. Hold music, that is, and the benefits of putting your customers on hold. Whether you’ve rocked out to Greensleeves, enjoyed a rave to some 90’s trance, or listened, with increasing boredom to an easy-listening mash up the chances are you could identify a handful of […]

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Have you heard about the latest news regarding mobile billing?

The long…ish, lazy days of summer are finally behind us. We thought it was perhaps time to take a second look at a little piece of legislation that you might have missed between barbecues, summer holidays, and efforts to outwit the weather. If you’re likely to be changing your mobile phone contract in the next […]

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Telephone resilience: Business continuity and how we can help

Today we’d like to talk to you about telephone resilience and business continuity; or, more accurately, how your business is likely to fair in the event of a communication failure. While we don’t wish to scare you, it’s a simple fact that bad things can happen to good people. It’s how you cope with such […]

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