Yealink Acoustic Shield – How to solve background noise using this brand-new feature

Yealink have once again outdone themselves proving they deserve to be the second-best selling VoIP phone manufacturer on the market. With their latest innovation of the Yealink Acoustic Shield proving to be a great new feature, both in our office and with some of our customers.

It can be difficult to work from home with the constant distractions of your everyday home life, but you don’t want that spilling over into your work and letting your customers hear the hustle and bustle of your home. The same is also true in a busy office environment, background noise is often stated as one of the biggest indicators of a low budget cold sales call.

With the Acoustic Shield enabled and on its highest setting, it claims that it will block out any noise beyond 20cm of the microphone, it’s a bold statement and while it’s very good, in testing we have had slightly worse performance, while loud noises further than 20cm away can still break through, the difference is definitely noteworthy, an extremely loud noise in the background becomes a dull quiet whisper on the call meaning it’s definitely a new feature not to be underestimated.

What we found

During our testing we found what we thought was the optimal settings and this is what we discovered. Acoustic Shield should be set to Auto and the strength set to 2. When the strength was set to the highest setting of 3, we did notice it start to clip the audio from the microphone but did not experience this with 2. One unfortunate consequence of this however was it made us quieter, but with a simple re-adjustment of the microphone input volume (by 10%) we had reached an ideal setup.

Where to find it

Yealink Acoustic Shield is available on most of the T5 Series, although we tested it with a Yealink T58A phone. It is a shame it didn’t make it to the lower down models but at least it gives us a taste of what to come from the powerhouse based in Asia.

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