ISDN Switch off – What does it mean for you?

ISDN Switch Off

As you’re probably aware, BT announced that the big ISDN switch off will happen by 2025, meaning any services on ISDN by this date will have to be forced onto a different platform. This may sound scary but it’s actually a brilliant change for all industries in the UK, opening up a whole new world of features that can make your life easier.

What is ISDN?

ISDN is the typical way to have telephone access either in a home or business building, The internet is run through the telephone lines, however as the world is shifting towards a more fibre based internet setting, having both alongside each other makes no sense and this is why BT has decided to close ISDN down.

There’s no need to panic however, while a lot of businesses are still on ISDN, more and more everyday are making the leap to SIP or Cloud-Based systems, because of its many benefits and the overall cost savings involved.

What should I do now?

Disregarding the ISDN Switch off, now is a great time to switch to a Hosted Phone System, offering incredible savings and functionality that will make your business run more efficiently. Start by analysing exactly what your business needs from its phone system and what could improve your efficiency.

A lot of things that used to be out of reach financially for small businesses are now well within budget (with a saving too!) on a Hosted Phone System. Take for example Call Recording, previously a very expensive but usually essential feature, could easily cost into the thousands, now only costs a small amount each month per user.

Who likes statistics? Managers do!

If you’re in charge of a team who make hundreds of calls per day, it can be difficult to tell who’s doing what and what’s being forgotten about, with our Telestat Call Logging software, you can see exactly what every member of your staff is doing, with the ability to individually review each call with details of exactly how it happened, and wall boards on the wall to drive competition between your sales staff, as well as a wealth of other features all at your fingertips, it’s the ideal companion for your new telephony solution.

How can we help you?

As a business that has been operating in the UK telecoms industry for over 20 years, we have seen the rise and fall of all the old and current products that are offered to various businesses out there. We believe Hosted Phone Systems to be the way forward for all UK businesses, so much so that we made our own! We can help you design and deploy the ideal phone system for you and your business and take the stress away from a usually very painful operation of switching provider. Every bit of the phone system is customisable to be exactly how you want it, and with expert staff on hand to help you through it, we’re poised to help push your businesses communications into the future.

Whether you’re a small business with a single phone number pointing to your mobile or a large organisation with several offices, we can guide you through every stage of the process and help bring you into the forefront of telecommunications technology.

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