Effective Conference Calling: Tips and tricks for improving productivity

With the increase in the significance of virtual meetings, the cost of conference calling is also skyrocketing. One of the major reasons for rapid growth and an increase in the use of teleconferencing is the ease of remote work. Combine it with global outsourcing and the adaption of teleconferencing is now a global phenomenon used for collaboration between distributed teams.

Where team conferences and meetings have innovated over the decades, the frustrations and stresses related to these meetings remain the same. However, there is always enough room to improve the effectiveness and productivity of these meetings and conference calls. Regardless of the background noises, distractions, absenteeism of required people, lack of focus, and interruptions, there’s always a way to end the teleconference on a productive note. Here are some of the essential tips and tricks that might come in handy; let’s take a quick glimpse:

1. Be on time:

A study shows that approximately eight minutes are wasted just to get the meeting started. Additionally, once the session has commenced, distractions and interruptions disrupt focus and attention, leading to wastage of ten minutes or more. This results in loss of energy and motivation, demoralising everyone. Since attention spans are not more than 20 minutes, make the most of these initial minutes, and deliver your results. Make sure you end the conference at the right time. If you left out some points, shelve them for the next meeting. It delivers a feeling of respect for the time, energy, priorities, and obligations of people.

2. Come straight to the topic of the meeting:

Conference calling is the virtual alternative for face-to-face interactions. There is a high chance that people might get a bit more excited, enthusiastic, and personal to substitute the missing aspect of human to human interactions. Asking about the weather, vacations and holidays not only kills the time of both the attendee but it also makes people less productive. Wasting the first few minutes in inquiring about trivial matters makes people more tired when it comes to talking about the actual topic. Instead of asking about the weather, family, and vacation, use other creative ways to begin the conversation.

3. Communicate positively:

Make sure to use positive reinforcements to keep the attendees motivated. Try to also use positive terminologies for reaffirmation. It not only provides you with the approval of others, but it also enables you to make quick decisions to move forward with suggested ideas. Communicate the direction of growth and flow of things to keep people more focused and engaged with the topic of the meeting. Communicating your ideas and using a positive language makes things easy to understand, especially if the issues discussed are tough ones.

There is no denying that the need for virtual conference and meeting is now an inevitable reality of today’s corporate and business industries. With employees and teams working from various demographics and remote locations, teleconferencing is possibly the only way to bring together different groups for meetings.

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