ISDN and PSTN are going to be turned off, and it’s sooner than you think…

ISDN and PSTN are going to be turned off

It’s hard to imagine that anything with the word ‘digital’ in its title could be about to become obsolete, but that will soon be the case for the Integrated Services Digital Network, or ISDN. First defined in the CCITT red book in 1988 the ISDN currently provides a means for the simultaneous digital transmission of data, video, and voice services; you could call it the heart and soul of communication. However, the times they are a-changing. ISDN and its cousin the PSTN, or Public Switched Telephone Network, will soon be turned off to make way for hosted phone systems and SIP trunking. While many companies have already made that switch, BT will bring an end to the service’s narrative in 2025. Have you considered how your business might be affected?

Are you about to invest in technology already marked as obsolete?

Most phone systems have an average lifespan of seven years, which means that the majority of the technology available for purchase today is likely to be reaching the end of its usefulness come the great switch off. Your current technology could already be marked as obsolete, in fact. It’s not all doom and gloom, though. Indeed, if your business operates using one of the country’s remaining ISDN channels now is the perfect time to explore better avenues. Aren’t we all striving to make the most of our communication packages at any given time?

If you’re likely to be looking for a new telephone system in the next few years it’s certainly worth considering the merits of VoIP. Well, you’re going to be shopping soon anyway, so you may as well put those feelers out now. We’ve talked rather extensively about the benefits of VoIP for businesses elsewhere on this blog, and we’d encourage you to have a good look and familiarise yourself with those advantages – least of all the savings you’re going to be making. For now, however, we’d like to present just two of the reasons you should be comforted, rather than daunted by this switch.

Voxcloud will provide a complete system for your business

A hosted VoIP system will provide a complete solution for your business, enabling you to keep your existing numbers and a sense of continuity for customers and suppliers. The only difference that you’ll notice is a smoother, more reliable service that’s costing far less than the fee you’re currently paying. What’s more, VoIP is far more resilient to failure. It offers communication without disruption or limits, and it’s completely scalable and flexible to meet the demands of your business at it grows.

Voxcloud can connect to your current system

Let’s say you’re nervous about losing your existing system and the investments you’ve made over the years. What happens now? It’s often possible for a Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) trunk to be connected to your current system, protecting its hardware and any financial interest you have in the service itself. This means that you’ll have all the benefits of VoIP, such as cheaper calls, more extensive handling options, and improved services, without the upheaval of getting used to a completely new system. Calls would simply be handled in the cloud before making it to your system. We must stress, though, that such a move might only be possible with newer hardware; some older technology is already incompatible.

From 2020 you will no longer be able to purchase systems that utilise ISDN or PSTN networks. It makes sense, then, to explore the alternatives today – particularly if your contract is coming up for renewal. There are eight years remaining before BT migrates all of its customers to the IP network. However, have you stopped to think about the panic that might ensue a little closer to this deadline? If you’re to stay abreast of business and continue to provide the best for your customers it’s essential you think about making that move to a hosted phone system sooner, rather than later. VoIP provides a host of options that could benefit your business; what are you waiting for?

Please give us a call if you’d like to find out more. There’s nothing like being prepared, after all! Any of our team members would be happy to discuss the ins and outs of VoIP with you, as well as recommending the products and packages that we feel would work best for your business. Contact us today; you won’t regret it.