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Telemarketing business strategies

There’s so much more to telemarketing than picking up the phone and hoping for the best. Indeed, the most successful companies will have conducted hours of intensive research into telemarketing business strategies, and drawn countless plans before dialing a single digit. Creating a telemarketing strategy is vital for business. It will help you to reflect your […]

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How remote hotels with little mobile reception can use VoIP to their advantage

How remote hotels with little mobile reception can use VoIP to their advantage If you’re a hotel in a remote location you’ll no doubt be aware of the difficulties that a poor signal can cause. Indeed, the frustration experienced by guests who cannot make calls or receive texts is often the least of your problems. […]

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How to create the ideal business plan

Business plans are an integral part of everyday life for entrepreneurs and business owners. However, knowing how to create the ideal business plan can often be enough to send grown men and women screaming for the hills – or at least squirming uncomfortably in their seats. So, what is a business plan, and why is it […]

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Estate Agents: Moving onwards and upwards with the benefits of VoIP

The benefits of VoIP technology for estate agents Estate agents listen up; we’d like to take a moment out of your day to explain how VoIP could work for you and your business. We understand that a company such as yours thrives on easy and convenient communication. For this reason we provide a service that will […]

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Hosted phone systems: Voxclouds beginner’s guide

Beginners guide to hosted phone systems

Hosted Phone systems… An introduction to  VoIP So, you want to invest in a hosted phone system? Good idea! If you’re walking into the process relatively blindly, and with little idea of what’s out there, we suggest you read this handy guide we’ve compiled just for you. This may just be the best blog you read […]

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