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How to effectively work from home with your office phone.

Work from Home with ease

Here we look into the practicalities of using your office phone from home. Some people think it’s easy some think it’s difficult and until you actually try it you won’t know whether it works for you so here we have some options and solutions for you. A lot of people just use their mobile when […]

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5 Observable Benefits of Using a Hosted Dialler Solution in Your Organisation

Benefits of Using Hosted Dialler

A hosted dialler is the best solution for businesses these days. It integrates a sophisticated adaptive algorithm along with cloud technology. A hosted dialler solution can give you the necessary tools to succeed in a call centre environment no matter the size of your business. Not only does a Hosted Dialler increase productivity and talk […]

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Top 3 Business Benefits for Moving to a VoIP Telephone System

VoIP Telephone System

All organisations must think about the productivity and efficiency of their business. They must always be on the look out for possible solutions that can help them provide the best outcomes and improve their business structure. So, with this in mind, here are our top tips for moving to a VoIP Telephone System. In today’s […]

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Redefining Enterprise Communications : SIP Trunking

Redefining Enterprise Communications

With more businesses moving to IP-based technology, SIP and VoIP are not just the buzzwords of the enterprise communication industry. Infact they’re redefining enterprise communications on a whole new level. From quick and new innovations to reduced cost, this technology is now changing the dynamics of communication. What started out as an innovative method for […]

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ISDN Switch off – What does it mean for you?

ISDN Switch Off

As you’re probably aware, BT announced that the big ISDN switch off will happen by 2025, meaning any services on ISDN by this date will have to be forced onto a different platform. This may sound scary but it’s actually a brilliant change for all industries in the UK, opening up a whole new world […]

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