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Hosted phone systems: Voxclouds beginner’s guide

Beginners guide to hosted phone systems

Hosted Phone systems… An introduction to  VoIP So, you want to invest in a hosted phone system? Good idea! If you’re walking into the process relatively blindly, and with little idea of what’s out there, we suggest you read this handy guide we’ve compiled just for you. This may just be the best blog you read […]

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Voice over Internet Protocol: Hosted telephone services

Voice over Internet Protocol

Welcome to the world of Voice over Internet Protocol The fact that you’re reading this blog post can mean only one thing; that you’re interested in learning more about VoIP [ Voice over internet protocol ]. Allow me to be the first to welcome you to the world of VoIP, and to guide you through […]

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Senior citizen communities: The advantages of VoIP phone systems

Senior citizens - The advantages of VoIP phone systems

The advantages of VoIP phone systems in senior citizen communities It wasn’t too long ago that the words “senior” and “technology” occupied two completely different circles. Well, unless we were talking about how little most seniors knew about technology, of course. These days it’s a different story. Increasing numbers of senior citizens are now online, […]

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How Hosted VoIP Phone systems can save you money!

hosted VoIP phone systems

Reduce telephony costs with hosted VoIP phone systems Regardless of the type of business you operate there’s a good chance you could do with saving money and reducing costs. What business doesn’t look to increase its profits wherever it can? If you’ve already managed to trim your energy bills and cut back on resources it […]

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Call centres, have you moved to VoIP hosted phone system? If not, why not?

Call centre hosted VoIP phone system

VoIP hosted phone systems for Call Centres As the title suggests this blog will be discussing the benefits of VoIP for call centres. Have you made the switch to a hosted phone system yet, or are you too concerned about change to look into its prospects? Working in a call centre you rely on your […]

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