Recruit the very best people: A VoxCloud Guide to the top recruitment tips

recruit top people

Your guide to making the most of the application process and recruit the top candidate

The great news is that your company is expanding, exceeding all expectation. The bad news is that’s it’s fallen upon you, yes you, to recruit the people who are going to take business to the next level. If you’re feeling more than a little daunted by the prospect of recruiting the right kinds of people it’s time to take note; recruitment is a great opportunity for everyone involved, and may well give your business yet another boost in the right direction.

So, how do you go about recruiting the best people? Get ready; it’s time to talent spot…

Understand who you’re looking to recruit

Before writing that job advertisement or scheduling time for interviews ensure you know what kind of candidate you’re looking for. This means understanding the role you’re filling, the job specification, and this particular person’s position within your company. What is it you need, and who would best fulfill each of those criteria? Taking such details into consideration will make it easier for you to tailor the job description, and reach your target audience.

Consider your candidate pool

Where have you been looking for new recruits? Have you placed your job advertisement on a couple of websites and hoped for the best, or will you look further afield? It’s essential to broaden your candidate pool if you’ve any hope of recruiting the best people. Invest time in developing relationships with local educational bodies and training schools, and ensure you’re networking at conferences and trade shows. Well, how else will the top candidates hear about you? Now is also the time to head online…

Improve your relationship with social media

Social media sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn are absolutely vital in the quest for new candidates, particularly if you want to give somebody a ‘once over’ before offering them the job. Maintaining an active social media presence will also make sure that the right people have heard of you, and your reputation within the industry. LinkedIn in particular allows potential employers to view the specific skills and experience held by candidates, and could help you to post a job advertisement that’s seen by hundreds, if not thousands, of potential recruits.

Don’t discount internal promotions

Sometimes the best person for a particular role has been right under your nose the entire time. I’m talking, of course, about internal applicants. Must you hire from elsewhere, or would your time be better spent chatting to candidates from a different department? Those already working for your company will be familiar with policy and staff bonuses, and will know your product or service inside out. Before writing that job specification send a companywide email, or make a post on an internal noticeboard. You’ll be surprised by the interest you receive.

Put a little effort into your reputation as a great employer

People tend to gravitate towards great employers, so take a look at your industry reputation. Have the right kinds of people heard of you? Are good things being said about your workplace and the atmosphere it’s created? Make sure that potential candidates are aware of your bonuses and compensation packages before they apply, and ask current employees for testimonials. You may find that the best people approach you long before you need their services, particularly if current employees are involved in marketing your company.

Take your time

Above all, prepare to be thorough. If you’re looking for the best candidates you’re going to need to follow every avenue, and scrutinise applications carefully. Hiring the right people for the job requires matching CVs and skills, listening to references, and carefully coordinating interview questions. Where appropriate, it may also be a good idea to involve current team members in the hiring process, particularly if they’ll be working alongside the new recruit. Who is likely to be the best person, and fit for the department?

The great news is that the right kinds of people are out there waiting to work for you. The even better news is that it’s down to you to find them, engage their interest, and finally recruit them. Well, is there really a better feeling than taking the action that’s likely to improve your company’s standing?

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