9 Tips For Managing Your Time Effectively

9 Tips For Managing Time Effectively

When you’re a business owner, your time is everything; whether it’s making time for meetings, wishing the day away, or desperately trying to free up your hours, you’ll probably find that time, and how it’s managed, dominates your every waking moment. You may be surprised to hear, then, that many businesses just aren’t making the […]

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Configuring Voxcloud SIP trunks with the Mitel 5000

How to configure a Mitel 5000 SIP Trunk with Voxcloud

Nowadays SIP Trunks are everywhere and can be used for a variety of things including: lowering call costs providing Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity in case of ISDN/Analogue failure more flexibility around phone numbering If you have a Mitel 5000 and want to add a Voxcloud SIP Trunk to it, please follow the steps below. This guide […]

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How to avoid these five fatal mistakes when choosing an IP phone service provider

Avoid thes five mistakes when choosing an IP phone service

Everybody makes mistakes. However, when it comes to business, some mistakes can be more harmful than others. For example, how do you come back from choosing the wrong IP phone service provider for your company, particularly if you’ve now alienated the company that may have been a better choice? We’re here to help. Imagine not […]

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Sleep: The missing business success ingredient

When it comes to business, there are certain key ingredients that add up to success, including perseverance, understanding, communication, and resilience. What you may not know, though, is that sleep is also absolutely vital when it comes to running your own business – and the chances are you’re not getting enough. Sleep, and its many […]

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Why using a Business IP Phone System could save you a fortune


It’s time to focus on the ways in which a business IP phone system could save you money. Isn’t that what running a business is all about? You see, while switching contracts, paying attention to bills, and taking care with your calls can limit the amount you’re spending each month, installing a business IP phone […]

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