10 Reasons To Move To A Business VoIP Phone System

business voip phone systems

Embracing modern technology such as a business VoIP Phone System is daunting, yet exciting, but can we really let go of what we already know? We all have a tendency to hoard belongings and stick to things we know and trust. I was extremely reluctant to give up a Nokia mobile phone, before being forced […]

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12 Secret Rules To Building A Successful Business

Business success has many causes. These range from dumb luck to outstanding ability. But how many lucky people lose it all and how many talented people never get started? The answer is millions. There are however a small percentage who consistently create successful businesses, but it usually starts with a few failures or a big […]

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7 Smart Questions To Ask When Choosing A Quality Business Phone System

If you don’t ask the right questions when choosing a business phone system you can quickly enter tricky waters. I learned this the hard way! Many moons ago, I had a property investment business which took off pretty quickly. Thankfully, I found myself in a position where we had more calls coming in than my […]

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BT Announce The Death of ISDN

BT recently announced that they are going to turn off their ISDN services by 2025 (That’s less than 10 years and we all know time flies!) What does that mean for customers with ISDN? It means that sometime in the next 10 years they will have to move to SIP and for many this could […]

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