Starting a new business? How hosted VoIP can help in so many ways

So, you’re starting a new business? Congratulations! Taking that first step towards entrepreneurship, or becoming a startup is likely to be the most exciting stride you make this year. While exciting, starting a new business isn’t without its challenges. When have matters ever been easy, after all? From issues regarding premises to brand identity, you’ve a whole world of decisions to make. This blog will focus on just one of those obstacles you’re going to have to hurdle if you’re to make a success of your business; the issue of communications.

The issue with communications

Whether you’re starting a business from home or creating an office space you’re going to need a business identity; a way for your clients and suppliers to recognise you amongst your competitors. Branding is a huge part of a business’s identity, but so too is a telephone number. How will your customers contact you once they’ve decided you’ve got what they need? If you’ve ever had to establish a telephone line before you’ll know a little about the hassles involved. Indeed, it can take up to eight weeks for certain telecoms suppliers to connect home offices and work premises, and to allocate your business a unique number. That’s eight weeks your business might not have if it’s to thrive in the current market. After all, you’re no doubt waiting for that telephone number before you finalise your website, email footer, business cards, and letterheads. What’s a business to do under such circumstances?

Allow us to take just a moment of your time to introduce our hosted VoIP phone system…

Let’s imagine you’re waiting for your telephone lines to be established. Surely it’s easy enough to use a mobile phone in the meantime? While it can be tempting to do so, mobile numbers tend to create a certain brand identity; that of a one-man-band operating an unprofessional venture. A hosted VoIP telephone system offers a far better alternative, providing you with a reputable image before you’ve even started.

VoIP is… convenient

Setting up a hosted telephone line takes minutes, rather than the number of weeks a standard landline would take. This means that your number of choice will be allocated immediately; please feel free to publish your business’s website and literature right away. You can be reassured that we’ll be looking after you in the interim period, too. Any telephone calls made to your new number before your phone system is ready will be forwarded to your mobile automatically; you’ll never miss a call again. As soon as you’re set up, those calls will redirect to your office phone, or to your voicemail when you’re busy or away. Similarly, your brand new telephone number will immediately display when you call out – even if you’re yet to move into your office. Are we so far, so good?

VoIP is… sociable

What about your fellow workers? While you’ll no doubt need employees or colleagues to help run your business, the issue of installing numerous phone lines is one that perplexes entrepreneurs and managers from every walk of life. Why is it so difficult to get everybody up and running? With VoIP it really isn’t, as you’ll be able to add as many extensions as you like to that one system. This method of working is great for offices of every size, as well as anyone wishing to work and access the telephone network from home. Since VoIP is hosted in the cloud, you’ll be able to access your telephone line regardless of where you are in the world. What’s more, you’ll be able to make and receive calls using the single, identifiable business number, immediately unifying all offices, departments, and individuals. Our hosted systems are customisable, which means they can be used with different kinds of soft phones and desk phones. One-touch dial and call transfers have never been so easy.

VoIP is… cost effective

Finally we need to talk about cost; as a new business we doubt you’ve bags of cash lying around to be spent on telephone lines and phone numbers. With a Voxcloud system you’ll remain contract free; you can step away from your commitment to our service at any time. We’ll also ensure you receive the right package to suit your business, meaning you’ll only ever pay for the calls you make. Regardless of where your workers and associates are based we can ensure that all internal calls are free; members of your company will be able to reach one another quickly, easily, and cheaply, whether they’re two feet, or two continents away from one another.

We’d like to step in and help your new business. Indeed, we happen to think that our hosted phone system is the bees’ knees for new businesses. Please do contact us with your enquiries, whether that’s by phone or email. A member of our team is looking forward to matching your company with the right telephone package to suit your needs.