BT Announce The Death of ISDN

BT recently announced that they are going to turn off their ISDN services by 2025 (That’s less than 10 years and we all know time flies!)

What does that mean for customers with ISDN? It means that sometime in the next 10 years they will have to move to SIP and for many this could mean a whole new phone system as well.

Some phone system can be upgraded to support SIP and therefore you would only need to find a SIP Trunk provider, other older or cheaper systems cannot be upgraded to SIP and this could mean you need to buy a whole new phone system or use a cloud based phone system.

Fortunately, we provide both services (and more) and can assist you with the transition, we can even port your existing BT numbers so you can retain historical phone numbers.

SIP Trunking also known as Wholesale Termination works in much the same way as ISDN in that it connects your on-premise phone system to the Cloud so you can make and receive calls. It is nearly always a lot cheaper than ISDN for line rental and call costs.

A Hosted Phone System is cloud based, on site you only need handsets, the brains part is in the cloud. Because the handsets are connected to the cloud via the internet, you can even have handsets for remote workers that are connected to your main system, this has many benefits, free internal calls, no messing about with expenses for calls/lines, and using Telestat in your office you can see what are doing along side your office based staff.

If you have a Telestat Call Logging/Recording System this is fully compatible with SIP trunks and the Voxcloud Hosted Phone system therefore protecting your investment going forward.

Whichever options you choose, cloud based Telephony is the future (and it’s coming sooner than you think) and it offers many advantages over traditional on-premise equipment, e.g.:

  • Low cost calls and ongoing costs
  • Cheaper and Quicker setup (Minutes rather than weeks)
  • No Capital Expenditure is required for a Hosted Phone system other than the phones (which start around £30)

Because there is no Cap-Ex required, the Voxcloud hosted phone system is ideal for start up businesses who might find it difficult to get credit or find a lot of their startup capital is swallowed up just to purchase a phone system!

Startup businesses can have a business phone number (diverted to mobile or voicemail) before they even have an office which means you can start marketing your widgets without delay.

Can be used to make calls to/from abroad when on business or holiday, using a softphone application (or our iPhone app) over wifi, free internal calls, and normal call rates to everywhere else.

Using our 24×7 portal customers can manage their system config at their leisure without the need to request an engineer to visit the site to make config changes and there is no charge for this.

Localised numbers, with our system you could have a London and Glasgow phone number even you are based in Birmingham (conditions apply) making your business look local

Telestat Call Logging System can be connected to your Voxcloud Hosted Phone System giving you complete visibility of your staffs, phone activities via Leaderboards and Reports (and much more)