Introducing the Yealink T49G Video Collaboration Phone

There’s no time like the start of a new year when it comes to releasing new technology. Allow us to introduce the Yealink T49G Video Collaboration Phone. Sleek, stylish, and user friendly this model is likely to become a firm favourite among offices across the UK – and for good reason.

Yealink T49G Video Phone

Yealink T49G Video Collaboration Phone: The lowdown

Encouraging efficient collaboration between colleagues, business partners, and customers, the Yealink T49G Video Collaboration Phone is the perfect tool for teleworkers and executives. It offers 5-way audio conference calling and 3-way videoconference calling, as well as integrated Bluetooth and wireless connectivity for headsets and paired mobile devices, standard HDMI ports, and a hands-free speakerphone function. You’re also going to like the phone’s ability to host 16 SIP accounts. Sophisticated and yet so easy to set up, there are few phones quite like it.

The Yealink T49G Video Collaboration Phone features an enlarged display so you’ll never be frustrated by poor video quality. Furthermore, the sound quality would take some beating. Simple features we often take for granted, including hold, mute, DND, speed dial, and call waiting are all included. You’ll even be able to set your own ringtone. Perhaps most useful this model allows for call recording, meaning you’ll never have to try and recall the contents of a conversation again.

So, what else does it offer?

Key features for the Yealink T49G include:

  • An 8” IPS LCD touchscreen display
  • Full HD video calling
  • A 2-mega pixel HD camera with privacy shutter
  • USB ports for media and storage applications
  • Record calls and transfer screenshots and data via Bluetooth
  • Integrated Bluetooth and wireless connectivity
  • Standard HDMI output for connection to computer
  • Up to 16 SIP accounts
  • 3-way video conferencing, or 5-way audio conferencing
  • High Definition audio, handset, and speaker
  • Adjustable camera
  • Plug and play setup
  • Language selection and customisable features
  • Call waiting, forward, transfer, hold, mute, DND
  • Group listening capability
  • Auto answer, redial, call return
  • Anonymous call / caller rejection
  • Voicemail, call park and call pickup
  • Intercom
  • Call recording
  • Local phonebook lookup approx. 1,000 entries

The Yealink T49G Video Collaboration Phone does everything you’d expect from a normal VoIP desk phone and then some. There’s a full list of its features and specifications here. A great piece of kit to look at the Yealink T49G Video Collaboration Phone is also easy to use. Its features and specifications really do speak for themselves. I have mentioned my affection for Yealink’s phones before. This model does little to sway me!

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