Why it’s the perfect time to blow away the winter blues with a hosted VoIP phone system

Why it’s the perfect time to blow away the winter blues with a hosted VoIP phone system

Forget those long, hazy days of summer; winter is coming. While it can be tempting to hunker down with a mug of hot coffee and forget that the world exists for the winter, now is a fantastic time to be considering your business’s future – and how you can improve its services in time for Christmas. Brush off those cobwebs and declare each day an office duvet day; we’d like to introduce the benefits of VoIP.

A VoIP hosted phone system will…

Save your business a heap of Christmas cash

Our VoIP technology makes the most of existing IP networks, which means you’ll save a fortune on hardware, expensive phone lines, and operating costs. Since our calls are hosted online you won’t pay any more for global communication; your business’s ability to keep in touch is our priority. What’s more, our packages ensure you only ever pay for the calls you need to make, and nothing else in between. We’ll even give you calls between other VoIP users for free – and we don’t just mean at Christmas!

Provide flexibility and scalability

Voxcloud’s technology is designed to grow with businesses, and it couldn’t be simpler to install additional softphones, expand beyond a single storey, or move premises. However big your company gets, or wherever it ventures to, our technology can keep your telephone communication open for business; as another new year approaches, it’s never been more important to think about how you might expand, or specialise over the coming twelve months – and the technology that’s going to get you there.

Offer safety, and security

VoIP hosted phone systems are designed to be safe, secure, and reliable; whatever happens we’ll do our best to ensure that your ability to communicate isn’t affected. Your new phone system will work for you, and only you. Since your ability to communicate now relies upon the cloud, rather than extensive hardware you can rest assured that very little is going to stand in your way. Oh, and did we mention that we always strive to provide a reliable service, as long as your data network and Internet speed are kept up to the job?

Connect multiple departments, and beyond

We understand how important connectivity is to businesses; you need to make sure that you’re able to communicate effectively with each department, every office, and all remote workers for the duration of each working day. VoIP phone systems are ideal for such a task, ensuring that all of your contacts are instantly accessible. Remote workers will be able to log into the system too, keeping them in the loop regardless of where they’ve chosen to set up office for the day. Your clients will no doubt appreciate the continuity.

Reduce your company’s carbon footprint

Perhaps most importantly VoIP hosted phone systems will cut down on all unnecessary hardware and energy usage, keeping your company at the fore of environmentally friendly operations. Such a move is fantastic from a PR, and customer-focused perspective. Oh, and it helps that you’ll save your business even more money, too.

So, you see, finally getting around to sorting out that VoIP hosted phoned system makes perfect sense – particularly at this time of year. Well, don’t you want your business to be working at its very best in time for… *whispers* Christmas?

Our hosted phone systems are offered without lengthy, or complicated contracts. What’s more, we can get your system up and running in no time at all. With free support offered by email and telephone, can you really afford to pass this opportunity by? Please feel free to give one of our operatives a call, or drop us an email to discuss your company’s requirements today.