What is a cloud based phone system? Everything you wanted to know about VoIP

If you’ve stumbled onto our site while searching for a cheaper alternative to your existing telephone package you’re in luck. We happen to think we’ve got the best system going! We offer cloud based phone systems, otherwise known as VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol); the best option for any businesses looking to take their products and services into the future, and beyond.

So, what is a cloud based system?

For all its jargon, the premise of a cloud based phone system is incredibly simple; a hosted cloud PBX, or private branch exchange, is a telephone service that operates within the cloud. Ours is a telephone system that’s hosted online, providing flexible, scalable communication for businesses of every size.

How does a cloud based system work?

A cloud based phone system is one that is accessed via a monthly subscription. Rather than receiving telephone calls via a system of wires, they’re sent digitally, via a service that you can connect to with enabled desk phones or computer softphones. This means that your phone system will be accessible wherever you are, as long as you’re able to log in. The phrase ‘cloud system’ simply means that your communication is hosted online.

What will I need to access the cloud?

Unlike other exchanges, you simply need an Internet connection to access your new phone system. Your VoIP provider (us, we hope!) will provide all of your routing services, meaning that you can let go of expensive processors and generators once and for all. What’s more, setup is quick and convenient; we’ll talk you through the process in mere minutes, with no complicated contracts to adhere to.

Why should I choose a cloud based phone system?

There are numerous reasons why a business such as yours should consider switching to a cloud based phone system. These include:

  • Flexibility and scalability: Your hosted VoIP phone system will grow with your business. It will expand at a time and cost to suit you.
  • Advanced security features: VoIP offers advanced security features, including screening and auto-attendants. These services are typically more reliable, and you’ll always have a backup should the worst happen in your office.
  • Low costs: A VoIP hosted phone system enables you to set your package price, and you’ll never spend more than you budgeted for. What’s more, calls between users are free. Cloud based phone systems are ideal for businesses with multiple offices.
  • Quick and easy setup: Your business won’t require a VoIP expert in order to get started. You won’t be waiting weeks, either; setup takes just minutes and it’s really simple.
  • Ideal for remote workers: You’ll be able to access your phone system anywhere in the world, as long as there’s an Internet connection. VoIP is ideal for remote workers, and for anyone who spends periods of time working from home or abroad.
  • Reducing your carbon footprint: Since everything’s hosted in the cloud you’ll have very little equipment using your office’s energy. How’s that for green communication? not to mention lower electricity bills.
  • Better services: VoIP offers a range of services that you won’t find with conventional providers, including video conferencing, automatic callback, and call recording capabilities. You’ll even have access to call reports 24 hours a day, putting you in complete control of your communication.

Our cloud based phone systems are comparatively cheaper, and offer a no-strings approach to telephone communication. VoIP is the best way to empower your business moving forwards, ensuring you’re always at the end of the phone for those who need your services.

If you’d like to learn more about cloud based phone systems please do visit the rest of our site. You’ll find an answer for every question you could possibly want to ask us. If you’re still not reassured please give us a call, or drop us an email. We’ll be happy to talk through your concerns, and to match you with the package to suit your business.