VoIP: From garages to garden centres, why your small business should make the switch

How you can improve your business communications with VoIP technology

If you’ve ever considered making a switch to VoIP before, the chances are you were put off by an assumption that this kind of technology isn’t for you. VoIP is for big call centres and medium-sized offices, isn’t it? However, the number, and variety, of businesses that we can help would surprise you. From garden centres and garages, to independent shops and local businesses, there are very few establishments that wouldn’t benefit from VoIP.

VoIP: From garages to garden centres

So, why should you switch? There are numerous reasons why you might want to choose VoIP as a means of connecting your business to its customers and suppliers. I’ve listed just a few of them below, although I could talk about the advantages of our service all day.

VoIP is flexible and scalable

It doesn’t matter if your customers are green-fingered gardeners, busy motorists, or savvy shoppers searching for a bargain; your business needs to be flexible to better serve their needs. While we can’t help with the day-to-day running of your property we can keep you connected. VoIP is incredibly flexible, operating with as many handsets as you need it to. What’s more, businesses without a landline can easily connect to our service via a softphone. This can be installed onto an existing computer, ensuring that setting up a VoIP connection is quick and hassle free. VoIP will grow with your business; if you grow, so too can your scope for the service.

VoIP is cost effective

It doesn’t matter whether your business operates one phone or twenty phones; VoIP is cheaper to use than a conventional landline. Since you only pay for the calls you make, rather than renting the line, your business will notice a saving straight away. In addition, outgoing call charges are typically cheaper than those made by landlines. This is perfect for businesses likely to be calling suppliers and customers out of the area, and even better if you ever need to ring an international line. Did we mention that calls between sites using Voice over internet protocol are free? If you’ve multiple sites, or several storage facilities, you’ll be able to reduce your bills even further.

VoIP will manage your phone calls

If you run a small business such as a garden centre, garage, or shop, you’re unlikely to have much time to dedicate to phone calls. If you’re lucky, a member of staff will be free to answer the phone when it rings. So, how do you ensure you’re providing the best possible service? Is it possible to avoid missing calls? Hosted phone systems boast a range of call management features, including voice mail, call waiting, hold, and automatic redial. VoIP is the perfect complement to call logging and recording software, too. Such a partnership will ensure you’re able to call customers back within moments of missing their call – and establish a pattern of callers.

In addition to all of these benefits hosted VoIP phone systems can be established using any number you choose. Do you want to use a freephone number, or a local prefix? We provide virtual phone numbers using a variety of prefixes, including ‘03’, ‘08’, ‘01’, and ‘02’; give your business a professional edge with a customised phone number. We also won’t tie you into any contracts, enabling you to use our service for as long as it’s the best option for you.

Whether you run a garage, a garden centre, or a business in between, it’s time to find out what VoIP could do for you. Take that first step and contact us today; we have dedicated team members waiting to guide your small business through the matter of Voice over internet protocol.