Improve Remote Working With Virtual Phone Numbers

The dynamics of business are changing. Once upon a time employees were tied to their desks, customers would contact offices via a single, oft-engaged number, and transatlantic business trips would involve costly calls home, or a complete loss of communication for that period of time. Now, however, the outlook for businesses hoping to network on a global scale is far improved; multiple VoIP phone lines and contact centres ensure that customers are never left hanging, the growth of smart phones and mobile devices has allowed workers to move as far away from their desks as they wish, and the popularity of virtual phone numbers has made it easier than ever for businesses to communicate, no matter where they’re based.

Improve Remote Working With Virtual Phone Numbers

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In fact, virtual phone numbers can be credited with many improved aspects of business, including the enhancement of remote working, increased professionalism, and ease of communication. The ability to work remotely is vital for businesses these days, so you can imagine how popular the use of virtual numbers has become. So, how does it all work? As providers of low-cost UK geographical and non-geographical virtual numbers, we’d like to take a moment of your time to explain…

A virtual phone number will…

Improve your business’s professionalism

With a virtual phone number you can choose your locality, and your prefix, regardless of where you’re based. Small, local businesses can opt for an 0800 prefix if they’d prefer, or establish a local presence where there is none. Meanwhile those working from home can maintain communication without having to rely on mobile phones and emails; customers and suppliers usually prefer contacting landline, and freephone, numbers, which means you won’t lose out on business or contacts if you’re working from home, or are based offsite permanently.

Enable you to be contacted at work, home, or during a business trip

VoIP phone systems already make remote working far easier, enabling you to be connected no matter where you are, but the inclusion of a virtual phone number will greatly improve your customers’ experiences when they contact you. Imagine; your employees will be contactable no matter where they are, you’ll be able to conduct business calls at home or on holiday, and those transatlantic trips won’t wipe you from the face of the earth. Far better still, contact will be made via one, virtual phone number, so there’s no need for additional contact information to be created.

Provide complete customisation

Virtual phone numbers are completely customisable, which means you can take as many calls as you’d like to your home or mobile phone, on as many different numbers as you’d like. Perhaps you’d like to keep specific numbers for suppliers only, or grant your employees access to a number that’s always active; whatever your reasons for managing multiple phone lines, a virtual phone number can be directed to any compatible device. It’s simple, and so convenient; as virtual phone numbers are so adaptable, and customisable, there’s no need for additional equipment if you’d like to establish a new phone number. This is absolutely ideal for anyone working remotely, as they’ll be able to switch between phone numbers with little effort at all.

Whether you’re out of the office, communicating with employees as they work at home, or looking to stay in contact with the world while you embark upon a business trip, a virtual phone number is going to be your new best friend. Remote working is so popular these days; can you really afford to ignore the most obvious solution?

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