Using a VoIP system to monitor, barge and coach your staff

Call recording is so important to businesses of all shapes and sizes. Each recording can be used for quality and training purposes, to address compliance or aid a staff appraisal, as well as helping managers to identify problematic staff members or lack of motivation. If you’ve not considered the prospect allow us to put it firmly to the front of your mind.

However, we’re not here to talk about any old call recording today. We’d like to introduce you to the concept of live monitoring, mentoring and coaching via a hosted VoIP phone system.

So, how is our system different?

Using a VoIP system to monitor, barge and coach your staff

Call recording is a great way for managers to enforce compliance, assess quality and make suggestions for more positive, and successful interactions. However, by the time a call is listened to its conclusion is in the past; each opportunity to improve must wait until a future interaction. What if you could inspire change as each call occurred?

VoIP has the answers you’ve been looking for. Our system allows businesses to do just that, introducing immediacy into the mix. Every call becomes the present. Rather than waiting until a call is over you will be able to monitor, mentor, and step in any time you feel your interjection might be appropriate – all with the press of a button. This kind of interaction is absolutely invaluable when it comes to monitoring performance, increasing motivation, and handling things differently whenever the need arises. Don’t wait for a call to be over before you attempt to change the outcome of a sale, new business relationship or deal.

There are three modes during our live call process. These are:


The monitoring mode will allow you to passively listen to both parties during a phone call. Nobody can hear that you’re there, but you’ll have full access to what is being said by your member of staff and the customer or supplier. This is particularly useful during training, and to assess a member of your team who might be having difficulties.


The coach mode does the same as the monitoring mode, except you’ll be able to speak to the telephone agent and offer advice, information and guidance. The customer/supplier at the other end of the phone can’t hear you, but your agent will be reassured by your assistance.


It sounds forceful, but our barge mode is simply a way of interjecting; if the conversation is going wrong, or you feel further information is required it acts like a new point of contact on that line. Both the team member and customer will be able to hear you, and communicate with you directly. The barge method is useful during training, or should a phone call escalate beyond the operator’s control.

Call recording might be useful, but a hosted VoIP phone system will allow you to monitor, mentor and barge at any given opportunity. Such ability is inspirational, motivational, and reassuring, as well as providing a little nudge should members of staff believe they’re getting away with anything less than their best.

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