Can I use my existing VoIP phones with Voxcloud?

During the course of this blog we have covered everything from the benefits of hosted VoIP systems and the very best features offered by softphones, to the sorts of questions you need to be asking yourself before choosing a new telephone provider. Now is the time when any representative worth their salt would ask whether YOU have anything that you’d like to say, or queries you need clearing up. While I’ve done my best to preempt such queries and answer them with blog posts, there is always going to be something you need to know; what kind of professional would I be if I weren’t expecting a curveball every now and again? The title of today’s blog may seem a little random, but we tend to get questions such as this all of the time – now is our opportunity to clear up those minor quibbles and queries that may be holding you back from making an all-important decision.

Can I use my existing VoIP phones with Voxcloud?


So, are you able to use your existing VoIP phones once you’ve made the switch to Voxcloud?

The simple answer is yes, as part of a process we in the business call ‘BYOD’, before taking my answer at face value it’s essential that you check your VoIP phones aren’t locked into your contract with your existing provider; are they yours to keep, or are they property of that provider, locked into just one network or system? If your answer is the former, the great news is that you’re good to go – bring those phones right across with you. After all, sourcing the right phones, and paying for them, can be a bit of a headache, so we’re keen to make your life as easy as possible during the transition that will follow.

What does BYOD mean, and how does it apply to my business?

‘BYOD’ or Bring Your Own Device is a practice amongst VoIP phone service providers that allows you to supply your own equipment, such as softphones or handsets, in order to make the transition to a new system a little cheaper, and easier to tackle. Wait… don’t all providers do that? The answer is no; there are still providers that will prefer you to use their VoIP phones, and you’ll often find they’re locked into that network so that you’re unable to take them with you if you choose to switch.

Now that’s cleared up, what are the benefits of ‘BYOD’? For starters, when using your own, unlocked, VoIP phones you have the freedom of choice; a freedom to make calls via any provider in order to get the lowest call rates. Bringing your own devices will also ensure an instant deployment of your new service. With no waiting around for new VoIP phones to arrive your existing network can be connected to Voxcloud in an instant – now, how’s that for service? As an aside, if you find that Voxcloud’s not for you (although we’re pretty confident that won’t the case), you can rest assured that your phones will still belong to you; we’re not going to keep them if you choose to opt out of your contract, leaving you free to source a brand new provider in your own time.

And so there you have it; if you choose to commit to Voxcloud’s efficient hosted phone system you are free to bring your existing VoIP phones with you – now is the time to look forward to that quick and easy transition, and getting started with a safe, secure, and reliable provider. Give us a call on 0333 002 0000 today to find out more.