The benefits of choosing a hosted phone system this spring

The benefits of choosing a hosted phone system this spring

Despite persistently chilly winds and desperately cold sleet and snow that continue to batter our shores spring is on its way; we’ve seen the snowdrops to prove it. It can often be difficult to muster the enthusiasm, or money for making any big changes towards the beginning of the year – especially when the weather is only good for duvet days, or hurrying home as early as you’re able to. However, spring is well and truly on the horizon. Allow those lighter evenings, warmer mornings, and fresh breezes to inspire a new way of thinking. A hosted phone system could be what you’ve been looking for…

A hosted phone system is safe, secure, and reliable

Your phone line is your business’s lifeblood; your main means of communication, and the best ways for customers and associates to reach you when they need an immediate answer.

Our VoIP hosted phone system provides a safe, secure, and reliable solution for all of your communication needs. What’s more, each call will boast exceptional quality. Could you say, hand on heart, that you’ve been as impressed with your landline service?

VoIP offers a flexible, and scalable solution

We understand that your business is going places; this year is no doubt all about expansion, and plans for the future. A hosted VoIP phone system will grow with your business. We mean it; VoIP is 100% flexible and scalable to suit the needs of your company. What’s more such a system will connect multiple offices and remote workers at any one time, ensuring that everyone’s in the loop regardless of where they’re based.

Setup takes minutes, not weeks

You won’t need an engineer, or costly equipment to set up our hosted VoIP phone system. Setting up our system is so easy that we can guide you through the process by telephone or email, and setup takes minutes rather than days, or weeks.

We take your business’s size and needs into consideration

With Voxcloud’s VoIP phone system there are no costly, or lengthy contracts; our service is available to be used as little, or as much as you’d like – and for as long as you require us. Our aim is to help businesses cut costs, rather than corners, providing the service you need and nothing that you don’t.

We’re there whenever you need us

We offer free support 24/7, via email or telephone. If you’re having an issue with our phone system we’d like to know as soon as possible, so that we can rectify the problem and send you on your way with ease and convenience. We’re also proud to provide a free trial of our products, and a one-on-one demo service that will enable you to pass comments and ask questions before you make any decisions.

VoIP reduces your company’s carbon footprint

Since VoIP phone systems are hosted within the cloud there’s no need for additional equipment or costly energy bills; everything you need is available via a single server. At a time when energy consumption, green businesses, and carbon footprints are of particular interest, hosted phone systems provide an environmentally friendly solution to the issue of conscious communication.

VoIP provides an insight into your callers’ habits and employees capabilities

With our hosted phone system you’re free to download data pertaining to every phone call that you receive. This means unlimited access to callers’ IDs, call waiting times, call frequencies, and handler details. These kinds of figures are essential for improving productivity, and ensuring that you continue to provide the very best customer service.
As we emerge from the harsh, winter months there has never been a better time to think about refreshing your telephone system. Forget New Year’s Resolutions; this is your opportunity to spring clean your business – in more ways than one. If you’d like to find out more please do give us a call. We’re happy to answer your queries and concerns, and reinforce the ways in which our software can help you to be the very best at what you do.