Ten reasons why VoIP is better for business

If you’re still operating a traditional telephone system we’re going to hazard a guess that you’ve not yet been convinced by arguments for VoIP. Why else would you be dragging your heels? We’d like to take a moment to try and change all of that with our Ten reasons why VoIP is better for business; least of all VoIP really is the best way forward for businesses in just about every industry. We promise we’re not just saying that because our business happens to be VoIP, either!

So, what is VoIP? Quite simply, VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol is a system that allows its users to make telephone calls online. The system works by converting sound into digital voice communication, which is then sent from user to user via the Internet. While there’s obviously more to it than that, those are the bones of it. Fast, efficient, and easy to use, VoIP has revolutionised communications for many businesses. It could be helping yours next, if only you’ll take the time to realise its benefits.

If you’re still unsure, allow us to introduce ten benefits of VoIP that will enhance your business. We’re sure there are at least one or two that will appeal to you!

1. VoIP can save your business money

Hosted telephone systems generally work out far cheaper per month than analogue lines, with long distance calls significantly less expensive to make. What’s more you’ll be able to choose a package that suits you, paying only for what you use.

2. VoIP is flexible, and scalable

VoIP is ideal for up and coming businesses. Our hosted telephone systems are scalable, which means they grow with your company. It’s never been easier to add telephone lines, or to move premises but retain your existing numbers and means of communication.

3. Our hosted phone systems are contract free

There’s not much else to say about this benefit! Our hosted telephone systems are offered without contracts, so you won’t feel as though you’re signing your life away when you come to use our services.

4. VoIP is portable

VoIP is fantastic for businesses that are always on the move, whether you’re working from home, taking a trip abroad, or moving between offices. With our hosted telephone systems you’ll be able to access your service from anywhere in the world, connecting with clients and colleagues in an instant.
And you will still be charged UK rates even if you are abroad 🙂

5. VoIP connects multiple offices

Speaking of offices, VoIP can be used to connect multiple offices, contractors, and onsite users to a single system. Your business will be more unified than ever – and by a simple telephone system. And as they are internal calls they are free.

6. There’s more to VoIP than answering telephone calls

Videoconferencing is a great way to stay in contact with colleagues and clients, and it’s available with our VoIP phone systems. Videoconferencing allows businesses to conduct meetings and share ideas as if everyone is seated in one room, even if you’re spread out around the world.

7. VoIP is secure, safe, and reliable

Your phone system is your link with your clients, and your main means of doing business. For this reason we promise that your telephone lines will always operate securely, and efficiently. What more can we offer our valuable clients?

8. Anyone can set up a hosted phone system

VoIP phone systems are relatively quick and easy to set up. Your business won’t be left in limbo for a number of days, or even weeks while you await an engineer. Indeed, one of our team members could talk you through the process if you desire.

9. VoIP reduces your business’s carbon footprint

VoIP is great news for environmentally friendly businesses. Since it’s hosted online there’s very little equipment burning a carbon footprint, meaning you can operate with a clean, and green conscience.

10. VoIP allows you to view and download call data

Call data offers a clear insight when it comes to your business’s costs and operations. VoIP, then, is incredibly valuable for any businesses keen to monitor traffic, call management, and client statistics on the real-time leaderboard. Choose to view (or email) your reports daily, weekly, or monthly; how you manage your business is up to you.

If you’re convinced then don’t delay, and drop us a line today; we’re happy to pick up the phone, or answer your enquiries via email. We happen to know rather a lot about hosted telephone systems, you see. Ask us a question, clarify a concern, or just say hello on 0333 0022 0000, or sales@voxcloud.co.uk.

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