Social Media – Building your brand with Social Media

It may feel as though social media is the bane of your company’s existence; how many times have you had to advise employees to keep off Facebook, or found yourself tagged in images from your last work’s do? However, while it’s certainly true that social media is perhaps a little to integral to some people’s lives it can do an awful lot for your business, its brand, and its reputation. So, next time you catch a colleague playing a sneaky game, sending a Tweet, or Instagramming their lunch remember these simple steps to social media savvy…

Build your brand with social media

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Make your presence felt

First thing’s first; establish a social media account and define your voice. It’s not enough to simply set up a Facebook account, Twitter handle or Instagram page any more; you’re going to have to tailor each account to reflect your brand’s image, and ensure they’re all working together to provide maximum exposure. Brand recognition can only be encouraged when you’re consistent, so remember to use the same logos, images and colours across your social media accounts. What does your company do? What are your brand’s values? Social media is a great way to convey a message to the masses, so make sure that message is the one you want to be heard.

Don’t forget to update

If you’d like to establish your brand as a new kid on the block, or remind people that you’re out there, it’s important to post regular updates to your social media sites; whether you’re sharing news, dangling a tidbit to entice followers onto your website, or sharing industry-relevant articles now is the time to be seen. The more often you appear in a person’s newsfeed the more likely they are to give you a second look, and your brand will be relying upon that following.

Don’t post and run

Engage with your followers on every level; if you make a post, share a meme, or create event be sure to check back periodically to see how your followers are reacting, whether they’re sharing your content, and to count how many new likes you’ve gained. It’s also important to reply to messages and comments wherever possible, allowing potential customers to see that’s you’re fully committed to keeping in contact. Now is the time for you to establish your brand as a safe pair of hands, a friendly face, and a company that knows what its customers want. If your content is being overlooked ask yourself why; what else could you be doing to engage with you followers?

Choose your voice

Social media is a great opportunity to give your brand a voice, and to decide how you’d like to be represented. Are you a friendly, approachable business that’s game for a laugh, or does your clientele demand that you’re more professional? Whether you choose to post chatty and lively updates, or keep things formal, it’s essential that social media remains a consistent platform for your brand. Yes, you can build your brand, but you must also maintain it. Changing perspectives and voices at regular intervals will only confuse potential customers.

Social media, when used correctly, is a fantastic asset for companies and their brands, enabling more people than ever before to engage with particular products and services. The rise of the app, namely Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, as well as YouTube ensures that people carry their social media wherever they go, and they’re far more likely to notice you if you’re making an impact on the sites they frequent most. Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there, and never assume that social media is only for the young; your brand deserves a chance to thrive, so nurture it via social media today.