Moving Office? What about the phones? No problem, read on…

Moving Office? What about the phones?

Desk phones and phone numbers are often one of the last things to be considered when moving offices. Then all of a sudden they become very important indeed, and it isn’t as easy or as quick to sort out as some might think!

But fret not, this easy guide provides some options for you….

Some of the options are:

  1. Take your old phone system with you
  2. Get a new system installed in new office and bin old system

So far so good, but what about the connectivity?

Getting ISDN (which is being phased out anyway) or analogue lines moved is difficult. Getting new ones installed can sometimes take up to 90 days! And what if you can’t get access to the new building until your contract starts, does that mean you will be without phones for 3 months? in some cases yes it does.

So plan well ahead and the new lines are sorted!

So far so good, but what about the phone numbers?

If you move to a different area then it is highly unlikely that you will be able to retain/move your existing phone numbers.

That makes sense really, why would you have a London number if you are now based in Scotland? or in some cases you move 10 miles down the road to bigger premises and you find yourself unfortunately in a different area code and unable to retain your old numbers.

This can be a real killer for businesses, those numbers that you have had for years that are on all your documentation, website, letter heads, business cards and saved in all your customers and suppliers phones and CRM systems suddenly don’t work anymore!!!!

If they cannot get hold of you on the phone, they might very well shop elsewhere and maybe they are gone for good.

Yes, you can get a number divert put on or a recorded message saying the new number is 01234 567890 and send out endless emails and letters telling everyone what your new number is and update all your documentation. This has a cost and has to be managed in a timely fashion, but it is all doable and businesses have been doing it for decades.

The alternative is here…

Contact us and port your existing numbers onto our platform; we can then redirect them to anywhere you want; or you can do it using our online portal which is available 24×7.

Before you move offices we send those calls to new phones that are on your old desks and the phones connect to our platform via the internet.

On the day of the office move, simply pick up the phones and put them on the new desks in the new offices; as long as your internet is working your phones will also work and the numbers remain the same.

Sounds simple? that’s because it is! and it’s what we do for our customers every day.

The Hard Sell 🙂

So as well as being easier and quicker than waiting circa 90 days for new lines to be installed you will probably gain more functionality from the new system and save some money as well

  • No more line rental on ISDN or Analogue lines
  • No maintenance payments for your ageing phone system
  • No paying through the nose when a power supply blows up because nowadays that model of power supply is more rare than hens teeth!
  • No waiting 90 days, we can have you set up and working within minutes

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