Get Flexible And Professional With a Virtual Phone Number

Deciding how your customers and clients are going to be able to contact you is one of the first things you need to think about when establishing your business. While using your own landline, or even mobile number, can often be the cheapest and most convenient way to start, it won’t always be the best personal solution, or appear the most professional option. So, is it possible to set a single phone number that moves around with you, and gives the air of professionalism that you may crave? With a virtual phone number it is…

Make your business flexible and professional with a virtual phone number

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Increase your business’s flexibility

Flexibility is a must for any business – for YOUR business – increasing its reach and accessibility, and making sure that things can go in the direction you choose. Having a virtual phone number will allow you to make all of the decisions, including the area code you affix. Additionally your phone system can still rely on smart phones and mobile technology; customers can ring a single designated number and still speak to you wherever you are. This means that your business’s productivity is never affected; you can travel away from the office and still wait for that important call. Magic!

Choose a local presence

Perhaps you’re based in London but move around the country quite a lot; how do you choose the right phone number to suit your needs? A fixed virtual number can be customised to use any area code that you desire, meaning that your clients and customers could call a London number and speak directly to you, regardless of where you are. Choosing a virtual phone number also means that you can build a local presence and reputation no matter where you’re based. So, if yours is the kind of business that works for, and within, the community, choosing a number that holds the local area code will make you a part of that community even if you’re always on the move, or have multiple offices.

Save yourself a few pounds

If the thought of paying out for a virtual phone number is holding you back let me reassure you. Purchasing your own fixed landline number isn’t as expensive as you may think, often working out from as little as £2 a month. In addition to minimal costs, a fixed virtual number can also help you to decrease your company’s costs and get rid of diversion charges altogether. It’s certainly something to consider!

Give your business the professional edge

There’s no denying it; giving your business a single, fixed phone number is one of the best ways to make that good first impression. While operating under a mobile number may be fine as you make your first few steps into the world of business, setting a virtual phone number should be among your biggest priorities. Nothing says professionalism like your contacts being able to reach you on a single number, no matter where you are when it rings.

There are, of course, numerous benefits to having a virtual phone number, including the banishment of minimum contracts, access to call management services, disaster recovery, and online call records. We offer a range of phone numbers, including 0800, 0843, and 0300, as well as those with an 01/02 prefix from as little as £2 a month. Just give us a call to discuss your requirements; we can be found on 0333 002 0000.