Is saving money the only reason to switch to a VoIP phone system?

There’s no denying that switching to a VoIP phone system will save you money, or the fact that many people will choose to change over based on that feature alone; indeed, if you’re looking for a means of communication that’s going to reduce your monthly bills and give you a more reliable service you should consider switching straight away – it’ll be the best thing you do all year. However, if you’ve considered a VoIP phone system and can’t justify such a change based on cost alone, allow me to introduce some of the other benefits open to you; from efficiency and line clarity, to support and after care, there are so many reasons to switch.

Is saving money the only reason to switch to a VoIP phone system?

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A flexible service and scalable system

First of all, you’ll find a VoIP phone system instantly flexible, as it will enable you to transfer your existing phone number, use your own devices, and adapt a mobile service. With a VoIP phone system you’re free to make calls no matter where you are; an Internet connection and a registered device will allow you to log in from home, abroad, or the other side of the office. In addition, a VoIP phone system is scalable, growing with your company as its needs change over time. Such a system enables you to have ambitions, and to fulfill them without needing to switch again. Oh, and did I mentioned that there were no contracts?

Reliability and efficiency

Set up in minutes, rather than weeks, and with no need for expertise, a VoIP phone system is reliable and efficient with very little effort at all. Talk to remotely located workers as if they were sat next to you, and enjoy clarity that traditional PBX phone systems could never support. As long as you’re blessed with a reliable Internet connection and server, your phone system will maintain its operation, and work as efficiently as you could ever have hoped for.

Customise your communication experience

Have you ever wanted a telephone number that reflected your global aspirations? Do you often wish that your customers’ details were available at your fingertips? A VoIP phone system will allow you to create your very own telephone number, whether that’s an 0800 number, or large city dialing code. In addition, such a system will provide you with access to a web-based client area, allow you to add and remove users, and store your call data records for you. In short, it will be your very own customisable communication system – at your service when you need it most.

Support when you need it most

What happens when everything goes wrong, or if you have a query that IT can’t resolve? With a hosted VoIP phone system, such as those that we provide, you’ll have access to a help desk and support when you need them most, as well as being able to email us whenever a burning issue arises. Oh, and one more thing; we offer free trials, so you can be sure that the system is going to work for you before you’ve paid a penny. You’re welcome!

So, there you have it; a rather long-winded way of answering the titular question with a ‘no’. Cost saving is just one aspect of a VoIP phone system. Are you ready to discover the other benefits available to you?

If you’d like to find out about the benefits of switching to a VoIP hosted phone system please give us a call on 0333 002 0000, or drop us an email. We’d love to talk through the many reasons why it makes sense to switch, or help you to better understand how such a system will work for you.