How to get your dream sales job

There are numerous reasons why you may be considering a sales job. To begin with no two days are ever the same, and you’ll often head home having learned something new. As a sales representative you’ll soon discover a variety of ways to apply your skills, and learn to identify opportunities with ease. You see, the sales department tends to be the beating heart of a company; a place where products are sold and relationships are forged. To be a part of all that is incredibly rewarding indeed.

How to get your dream sales job

So, you want a career in sales?

Identify your dream sales job

The first step towards achieving your dream is to identify what that job is. It’s as simple as that. How can you work towards a goal, or achieving a target when you’ve no idea what you want? Is there a particular industry that interests you? What is it about the job that intrigues you? Where do you see yourself in five, ten, or twenty years? The world of sales is an exciting one, but it’s not for those who merely want the job for the time being. It’s for those who are passionate about getting those results, those who live for a challenge, and anyone hoping to further their career by working hard and applying their skills. Your dream sales job should be just that – a dream come true.

Do your research

Before applying for your dream sales job research the company, its mission statement, and its existing clientele. What sort of sales company is it? Who do they sell to? What do they sell, and why? You can’t hope to bag an interview if you’re not willing to do your research, just as you wouldn’t expect to make a sale if you’d not taken the time to get to know your customer and his or her needs. The chances are you’re already familiar with the company having decided to apply. There’s no such thing as too much research though, so take your time getting to know everything you can. What do current sales team members do on a daily basis? What would the role require you to do? The research of simple things such as location, transport arrangements, and working hours will enable you to relax and focus on the challenge ahead – applying for, and accepting, that dream job.

Sell yourself

If your dream job is sales then your first goal should be to sell yourself. If you’re nervous about the challenge of selling yourself on paper ask yourself this; how do you hope to be perceived by potential employers? It’s essential to understand the job description prior to making your application, and to fill in any paperwork in a way that reflects that comprehension. As you prepare for interview compile a list of your best attributes, the qualities that help you to excel on the sales floor, and your bad habits. The interview panel will be looking for a candidate who is capable of being honest. Admitting our faults is as honest as it gets. You should also prepare to talk about your past successes on and off the sales floor, and to ask questions. Be sure to choose questions that demonstrate your situational knowledge of the sales floor.

Don’t wait for them to come to you

Applying for a sales job is much like completing a transaction on the sales floor. Do you approach calls halfheartedly and allow the customer to dissuade your from pushing the sale? Or do you give them a list of reasons why that product is right for them? You are the right person for this job and it’s up to you to convince the interviewing panel. Don’t be afraid to make follow up calls or emails, or to ask for feedback. You’re applying for a sales job, so show the employer that you know how to follow leads, make judgment calls, and seal deals. The panel will be analysing your approach to the application and interview process, and using your behaviour pre and post interview to determine what you’d be like as an employee. Don’t sell yourself short now.

If you’re starting 2017 on a quest to find that dream job we wish you all the best. The world is in need of hungry, dedicated sales members like you – go on, reach for that dream.