How remote hotels with little mobile reception can use VoIP to their advantage

How remote hotels with little mobile reception can use VoIP to their advantage

If you’re a hotel in a remote location you’ll no doubt be aware of the difficulties that a poor signal can cause. Indeed, the frustration experienced by guests who cannot make calls or receive texts is often the least of your problems. However, wherever you’ve a reliable Internet connection VoIP can help. From processing bookings, answering queries, and connecting team members, to reconnecting guests to the outside world, there are numerous ways that VoIP can assist your accommodation.

In addition to ease of use and genuine savings, the use of VoIP has numerous benefits for hotels. These include…

The unification of internal communication

Imagine how much simpler day-to-day procedures would be if you had one unified hotel system. Housekeeping staff could confirm when rooms had been changed over, restaurant employees could confirm meal options, and even guests would be able to check in and out, or set their status as ‘do not disturb’. VoIP can support such a system, as long as there’s a dependable Internet connection. What’s more, VoIP can establish caller groups for different departments, enabling team members to communicate quickly and effectively. Everyone will remain in the loop at all times.

Improve your ability to communicate

A lack of signal isn’t just annoying for guests; it’s dangerous for business. Although most remote locations are serviced by landlines, mobile phones are still useful to have if you’re in the business of taking bookings, answering queries, and referring guests. VoIP will connect a network of handsets, including mobile and smartphones. With VoIP handling your calls you’ll never miss another opportunity to take a booking. You will also notice that your phone lines are less chaotic, although never less busy; VoIP will simply handle your calls more effectively.

Satisfy your guests’ needs

There’s a good chance that your guests have come to stay in order to enjoy the peace and drink in the views. However, these days it’s difficult to switch off completely. Your guests may even be annoyed if they’re unable to use their mobile or access its data. VoIP can help you to revolutionise your guests’ stay. It will provide a wealth of features they can access from the hotel phone and, in some cases, a network and apps that guests can connect to with their own phones. Not only that, but VoIP makes the hassle of settling phone bills a thing of the past. With call logging you’ll never be left wondering who has spent what on phone calls.

Communicate with team members

If there’s one thing that hotels have a lot of it’s employees. From housekeeping and bar staff, to reception team members and porters, the chances are you’ve a list of employee names as long as your arm. So, how do you keep tabs on everyone? More to the point, how do they check in with you? A VoIP system will connect your team like never before, ensuring that no one is ever out of reach. Wireless telephones and mobiles will both be able to access your VoIP network.

Hotels, we’d love to hear from you. The world of VoIP is one rich in features, including call waiting, hold, automatic redial, voicemail, conference calling, and call logging. When it comes to handling poor signal it pays to be creative; VoIP is a great step in the right direction, regardless of where you’re based.

To find out more please contact us. We can’t wait to put you in touch with the technology that will revolutionise your business.

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