Hosted Diallers: Maximise your sales agents efficiency

How hosted diallers can improve the performance of your sales agents

The world of sales is a pressure-filled one, dictated by targets, leads, and figures. When your agents aren’t worrying about the amount of leads they’re chasing, or the money they’ve earned, they’ll no doubt be concerned by their inability to call two people at once. Well, how else are they likely to improve their efficiency, if it’s not multitasking? However, we’ve got another solution for maximising your sales agents’ efficiency and ensure they’re using their time productively; hosted diallers. Such a system, which stores multiple contacts’ details and calls them without the need for manual dialing, is a great way to ease the pressure on your sales agents, and to increase their potential for meeting targets.

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Let’s take a look at the benefits of a hosted dialler system, which may well become your next ‘must purchase’. You see, hosted diallers can, and will…

Simplify business operations

A hosted dialler is likely to become the most convenient, and efficient, bit of kit your sales team possesses. Capable of programming and handling any number of outbound calls without the need for manual dialing, such a system is vital if you’re to make the most of your agents’ time. In fact, it’s estimated that hosted diallers can call twice as many potential leads than a sales representative entering numbers themselves. What’s more, the system can predict when a call will end and queue up the next contact. With a hosted dialler time is saved, and sales are made.

Take the guesswork out of sales

Hosted diallers can remove the guesswork from sales, and reduce the time your agents may otherwise waste following pointless leads. You see, not only can hosted diallers manage numbers and make calls, but they can also analyse the behavioural patterns of those your agents communicate with. Data retrieved during calls, and attempted calls, will instantly tell your team members which leads are worth pursuing and those that have gone cold. You’ll even be able to tell the times when leads are most receptive to contact. Calls that remain unanswered time and time again can be placed onto your company’s ‘do not call’ register. This will reduce the number of unwanted calls you’re making, and improve your customer satisfaction rating.

Cut costs, rather than corners

Hosted diallers are operated within the cloud, which instantly removes the need for phone lines, PBX maintenance, and expensive rental fees. What’s more, such a system is really easy to install, and can be operated with relative ease by any agent on your sales floor. When the technology is this quick and easy to work with, your sales agents’ time and productivity can be dedicated entirely upon their work. Besides, we’ve all noticed how team morale can be boosted by the right kinds of technology. Invest in your business, and your employees will show their appreciation.

Manage your call centre’s time

Hosted diallers improve time management. They operate using a bulk store of numbers, which are connected to all available sales agents at any one time. Any calls that are left unanswered are automatically filtered back into the system. No contact is left unturned, unless the system deems them to be a waste of your team’s time. Upgrades are automatic too, so there’s little effort required when your system needs a spring clean.

All of these benefits, combined with the software’s ability to track performance, will ensure that your sales agents’ time and productivity is magnified. Meanwhile, issues are much easier to identify and rectify. If you’d like to learn more about hosted diallers and the benefits you could son be reaping, please contact us. Why wait? Today is a good day to improve the efficiency of your team.