‘03’ prefixes: What do they cost, and why should you have one?

 Your Guide to ‘03’ prefixes:

Virtual phone numbers can be a real asset to businesses. Whether you choose an ‘0800’ number, or prefix your line with ‘0845’, ‘0843’, ‘01’, or ‘02’, a virtual phone number will set a great first impression for your customers and associates.  ‘03’ prefixes are becoming increasingly popular. You may have considered such a number for your own business. This blog will explore the virtues of virtual phone numbers, and why you should consider a ‘03’ prefix.

03 phone numbers

Why should I choose a virtual phone number?

While it’s true that local landline numbers can inspire communities to rally around small companies and start-up businesses, virtual phone numbers can introduce your products and services to a national audience. Non-geographic telephone numbers tend to be more memorable than automatically assigned local lines, and can help you to create a polished, professional business image to accompany your reputation. Virtual numbers are also great for companies with ambitions. While moving to bigger premises, or expanding abroad, often means assigning new contact details, a virtual phone number will come with you. Continue to trade wherever you are, and know that your customers will always be able to find you.

The benefits of our virtual numbers include:

–       No minimum contract

–       Free missed call alerts

–       Free instant number divert

–       Free access to online call records

–       Free call management services

–       Same day set up

Virtual phone numbers are ideal during disaster recovery, as they are easily transferred to a new host system. Gone are the days of remaining offline while the issue is sorted for you. Customers, clients, and partners can continue to call you, causing little disruption to your business and livelihood.

What are the benefits of ‘03’ prefixes?

In addition to the benefits associated with choosing a virtual number the use of a ‘03’ prefix has its own advantages. ‘03’ phone numbers have few regulatory restrictions, and can be called from outside of the UK. This means that overseas clients and customers can contact you on the same line that your UK-based associates use. What’s more there are still a large range of numbers available, ensuring you find a means of contact that you’re comfortable with. Did you know that it costs the same to call a ‘03’ number from a UK mobile phone and landline, regardless of where you are? ‘03’ phone numbers are the only non-geographic numbers to offer this benefit. If you’re non-plussed by this boast consider this; your ‘03’ number won’t discriminate between callers, making it the fairest phone number for consumers from all walks of life.

Our virtual telephone numbers cost from just £2 per month, which will cover all the benefits listed above. To find out more about ‘03’ prefixes, virtual numbers, and our VoIP services Information specific to our virtual phone numbers please do contact us for a quote that is tailored to your business or give us a call on 0333 002 0000 and one of our team will be delighted to a answer any queries you may have.