Estate Agents: Moving onwards and upwards with the benefits of VoIP

The benefits of VoIP technology for estate agents

Estate agents listen up; we’d like to take a moment out of your day to explain how VoIP could work for you and your business. We understand that a company such as yours thrives on easy and convenient communication. For this reason we provide a service that will keep you in touch with your office and clients, no matter where the day has taken you.

Quick and easy to install

We understand how busy you’re likely to be on any given day; estate agents probably spend the vast majority of their time flitting in and out of the office. Our aim is to make your life as simple as possible. For this reason setting up our services requires no prior knowledge or expertise, and we’ll even throw in free support too. Our services are safe, secure, and reliable, which means you can trust in the calls you’re making and receiving.

The freedom to roam… literally

As an estate agent there’s a good chance that you spend much of your day on the road, or viewing properties with clients. VoIP make remote working easier and more convenient than ever before, instantly connecting colleagues with their office and network. This means that you’re free to go about your day as you wish, and you’ll still receive phone calls directly to your mobile phone – regardless of where you are.

The opportunity to maximise profits and commission

We’re in the business of cutting costs, not corners, something you’ll hear us shouting from the rooftops whenever we have the chance. Our services are offered at a reasonable price, and we won’t ask you to sign any contracts either. VoIP is the quick, convenient, and cost-effective way to stay in touch with colleagues and clients, enabling you to maximise your profits and make the most of your commission.

The ability to grow your business

VoIP is flexible and scalable, which means you’ll be able to keep its benefits regardless of whether you move premises or grow your business. This means of communication can be used to connect multiple offices too, so it’s perfect for franchises and agencies that are growing upwards and outwards. VoIP offers free calls between users, so you’ll never pay above the odds to keep in touch with team members again. What’s more, additional telephone lines can be added as and when you need them.

Offers a clear insight into your business

With VoIP you’ll be able to view and download data with the click of a button. In an estate agents such information will become invaluable, enabling you to see who has called you and when. This should enable you to balance multiple accounts and properties with ease and convenience. Your business relies on clear, concise communication, after all.

It’s environmentally friendly

Since it’s hosted within the cloud, VoIP is environmentally friendly, reducing your business’s carbon footprint immediately. You’re no doubt aware of the continued impact of housing and construction upon the environment; VoIP will be your way of reducing the energy that you business processes on a daily basis.

You can be assured that Voxcloud’s hosted VoIP phone system will do its utmost for your business. Indeed, we’re so sure that your estate agency will love all we have to offer that we provide free trials of our services. What’s more, you’ll be able to choose your own virtual number. Such a perk will ensure you have the perfect telephone number for your business. To find out more do please contact us. We can’t wait to share all we know about VoIP.