How easy is it to set up hosted phone systems?

If you’ve taken the time to research hosted phone systems and have discovered a heap of benefits, but are still delaying the process, could it be that you’re concerned about the difficulties of installing such software? Perhaps you’re assuming that such a system will be expensive or complicated to install, or are worried about maintaining it once the engineers have left the building. I’m here to reassure you today; setting up a hosted phone system won’t take long at all, and it’ll be easier to manage than many of your existing technology.

How easy is it to set up hosted phone systems?

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First thing’s first, let’s address equipment. There is something of a misconception that setting up a hosted phone system is going to take bags of additional equipment, or will cost the earth in terms of purchasing new machinery – that’s not the case at all. A hosted phone system can be installed in one of two ways; either we’ll provide the equipment to complement the service you’re signing up for, or you can BYOD (bring your own device) to the table. Either option is fine with us, and it ensures your new phone system is as flexible as it needs to be. As Voxcloud’s hosted phone systems are set up within a cloud infrastructure you won’t need any extra equipment to handle call data, and there are no more wires, either; it’s flexible, easy to operate, and incredibly space and cost efficient.


Installing a hosted phone system won’t disrupt your office for weeks on end, or leave you without means of communication for days either; setting up hosted phone systems can take just minutes to complete, and will utilise much of the equipment you already have access to such as your broadband connection. Thanks to the cloud infrastructure that supports your new phone system you’ll have very little to worry about at all – indeed, some aspects of these phone systems can be completed by you with a little guidance over the phone.

Support and help desk

With a hosted phone system from Voxcloud you are assured of three things; first and second that your setup experience and installation will be quick and painless, and third that you’ll be looked after long after the support engineer has completed your set up. Our hosted phone systems come complete with access to an easy to use web based client area, enabling you to access our services from anywhere as long as there’s an Internet connection. Additionally, our support and help desk is available whenever you have a query regarding our products or service, and we’re keen to ensure you’re happy every step of the way.

So, there you have it; setting up a hosted phone system could scarcely be simpler, and we’ll ensure that you’re looked after well during the whole process too. Our hosted phone systems are offered without lengthy contracts, are flexible and scalable, and can be set up within minutes; not bad for technology that will revolutionise the way your business operates. If you’d like to learn more please do give us a call on 0333 002 0000. We also offer free trials of our products, so try before you buy and discover why ours is the best hosted phone system for you.