Do you need a hosted phone system for your business?

Every business will get to a point where they feel the need to say goodbye to traditional phone systems and think about the following question – Do you need a Hosted Phone System for your Business? It is not only an effective tool, but it also helps call agents to manage calls remotely from anywhere in the world. They can handle the calls through their smartphones, desk phones, and laptops or from any other device they wish.

Why Cloud-Based or Hosted Phone Systems Are Important for an Organisation

Since every known organisation these days are switching to cloud-based phone systems, there has to be some significant reason behind this act.

In order to show you, we have some of the main reasons that will help you to understand the importance of cloud-based or hosted phone systems for your organisation.

1. It Provides You with control over your business communications

A cloud-based phone system is the best solution for every business as it puts you in the complete control to select the mode of communication that you believe works better with your business niche. Hosted phone systems provide users with many different options to communicate productively and efficiently with customers. You can select which items are useful and which ones to turn off, while remaining completely user friendly.

2. Cloud Phone Systems Cost Considerably Less for a lot more

Compared to the traditional phone systems, hosted phone systems do not go above your budget. Hosted phone systems give you relaxation to eliminate the payments of the up-front for heavy and costly installations. Gone are the days of paying for expensive maintenance and support as this is usually included for free!

Along with standard features, cloud-based phone systems also offers businesses with some extra features. These features typically include voicemail, automatic attendants aswell as Several options not even typically available on Traditional Phone Systems – Such as Click to Dial and the ability to Monitor your staff’s current phone calls by either listening in or even coaching them while they’re on a call.

3. Redunancy for your business communications

Especially in this current day and age with issues such as Covid-19 disrupting the UK Workforce, having the ability to seamlessly and easily change your call routing to exactly what you need, whether you’re routing your calls to your mobiles to keep your workforce working and recieving calls or maybe just keeping your customers updated on your current situation.


The Communications Industry has been undergoing significant changes for the past few decades while traditional phone systems have been left in the dust. The benefits of changing to a Hosted Phone System nowadays is as simple as more features for less cost. Helping you to better manage your business.

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