Conference calls: How you can improve communication and reduce costs

The benefits of conference calls…

We’re sure you’ve heard of conference calls. In fact, you’ve probably even considered its benefits at one time or another. If you’re not already using conference calling within your business I’d like to take a moment to extol its virtues. After all, businesses should be making the most of the resources and technology that’s at hand.

Conference calls: How you can improve communication and reduce costs

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Conference calling can…

Reduce costs

Perhaps the most obvious benefit of conference calling is that it limits the number of individual calls you’re likely to make, and therefore the cost of communication. Before conference calling, it was necessary to make numerous phone calls, each at a cost. Now, however, conference calling is a great way to reach multiple clients, associates, and customers at any one time, regardless of where they’re located. Calls that are hosted online are likely to cost you the same as a local rate telephone call. This means that your business will be able to contact business partners around the world without incurring overseas charges. What’s more, your company will save money on travel costs. After all, you’ll be able to speak to business partners anywhere in the world without the need for face-to-face representation.

Improve your business’s efficiency

When you think about the factors that are holding your business back, how many relate to communication? After all, when you’re spending all of your time repeating information and contacting associates you’re dedicating very little time to your business. Conference calling is a fast and effective way to deliver a message to everybody at once. This ensures that everyone knows their role within the project, and also what to expect from everybody else. Now that you’re on the same page, you can all get to work.

Reduce the occurrence of Chinese Whispers

I’m sure you’ve all experienced the damaging effects of so-called Chinese Whispers. When one message is relayed a variety of ways, and via lots of mouths, it can become distorted to the detriment of the project. So, how do you make sure that everyone receives the same message? Via conference calling, of course. While group emails are also a popular way to pass on details, conducting a conference call will allow you to answer questions immediately. You’ll know instantly that everyone is on board, rather than waiting for an email to be read and responded to.

Maximise opportunities for sharing ideas and brainstorming

Brainstorming sessions and project meetings are a great way for your team to share ideas, and to gain inspiration from one another. What happens when half of that team is based elsewhere? Conference calling will make sure that such meetings are possible, regardless of what county, or country, the rest of your workforce resides in. Such opportunities can get projects going even faster, and ensure that all members of your team feel valued and appreciated. What’s more, conference calling can aid successful business relationships. Rather than relying on emails or faxes, more businesses are choosing to conference call. This is a much more personal means of communication, which can nurture relationships for smoothly run operations.

Whatever the size of your business conference calling could be the perfect way to move forward. Since you’ll be saving money, improving efficiency, and nurturing relationships nationally and beyond, you may even find that your business expands beyond your wildest dreams. Conference calling is supported by many VoIP handsets, including many that are stocked in our shop.

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Please do contact us if you have any questions regarding the benefits of conference calls. We’re looking forward to helping you choose the right VoIP service for you and your business.