4 benefits of incentivising your sales team

Sometimes it’s not enough to tell your sales team what’s expected of them; sometimes, you need to show them the rewards that are on offer for a job well done. The use of incentives is a popular way to recognise, motivate, and reward employees across businesses, particularly the departments that are predominantly sales-driven.

Here are just four of the benefits of incentivising your sales team; consider how such a scheme could improve your business and increase revenue.

Improved morale

It’s well documented that incentives promote improved morale. The introduction of incentives shows team members that you’re willing to reward hard work and determination, and that going the extra mile is often well worth it. When employees are pushed towards reaching their full potential they realise just how competent they are; and how much they truly enjoy doing their job. Your office should become occupied with happy sales staff in no time, each looking forward to achieving their full potential.

Increased productivity

A happy workplace is a healthy workplace, in more ways than one. If you’ve managed to improve your sales team’s morale there’s a good chance you’ll also notice productivity increasing. Well, members of staff that are shown a little appreciation are more likely to push that little bit harder for their employers. Besides, if you’ve introduced incentives based upon earnings, sales targets, and prominent leads, your sales team will want to ensure it’s meeting your expectations – and excelling in all areas.

Employee loyalty

It stands to reason that well-rewarded employees will become loyal employees; companies offering incentives are more likely to experience a reduced turnover, as employees strive to stay with the business that acknowledges their efforts. Great sales team members are worth their weight in gold. These are the people on the frontline of your business; the ones most likely to interact with clients and win their favour. Regardless of what that incentive is, such schemes are among the best ways to win your team’s loyalty.

Increased earnings for your business

Most incentive schemes are based upon the revenue that an individual, or team, has earned for the company. It makes sense, then, that the introduction of an incentive will motivate your sales team to earn more money for your business. Within a short space of time you should begin to notice your company’s bottom line rising, as employees strive to generate bigger and more frequent sales. Such a phenomenon makes incentives schemes self-sufficient, as your staff members earn back what they’re creating in revenue.

If you’re feeling inspired to shower your hard workers with gifts and treats take heed; when employees become accustomed to receiving regular rewards they lose a little of their spontaneity. You no doubt want your sales team members to work hard, regardless of how and when they’re receiving incentives. To achieve this balance consider what you’ll be rewarding, and when. You know your sales team better than anyone else, after all.

We’re very proud of our sales team here at Voxcloud. Don’t take our word for it though; feel free to give us a call, or drop us an email. They’ll welcome your questions and queries, and will be more than happy to advise you on our systems. We like to think we’re a pretty awesome company to work for, and hope your dealings with us reflect our team’s morale. We can’t wait to hear from you!