How to attract and engage with high performing sales consultants

Businesses are only as good as their employees, but how do you make sure you’re attracting the right people for the job? It’s estimated that companies with loyal and engaged sales representatives can attract revenue that’s 2.5 times higher than those without. Meanwhile, poor employees with little allegiance could be costing your business money as you seek to replace them. Does your team work as one? Finding the right sales consultants for your business is vital. So, how do you attract the right ones?

How to attract and engage with high performing sales consultants

Getting off to the right start

It’s essential to start your search on the right foot. To begin with, know the kind of person you want for the job. What does the role ask for? What skills should the best applicant have? You must be able to match applicants’ qualifications to the position. Once you’ve created the job profile think about where the role is best advertised. Who do you want to attract? Understanding the role and the background of the ideal applicant is vital before you start the interview process. Now is also a good time to think about what you expect of your new sales consultants, and what you’d like them to achieve under your leadership. The best working relationships rely on mutual trust and understanding.

Provide training and beyond

While it’s natural to assume that the best sales consultants need less training, we never stop learning on the job. Change is the nature of business, and your sales reps must be able to keep up with demanding customers and moving goalposts. The high performing sales consultants you’re looking to attract and engage will be searching for job opportunities that will help them to further their careers. They’ll be on the look out for initiatives that offer further expertise and knowledge. These days, employees want to know that they’ll be able to sink their teeth into a role, and to learn on the job. We enter job roles to better ourselves. Does your sales department offer such chances? Aim to nurture talent, and you’ll ensure those sales consultants stick around to work their magic for you.

Support your teams

Support is as important as training when it comes to engaging with sales consultants. Your team members need to know that their ideas and input are valid. A supportive network is also essential should problems arise. New starters will want to know that their interests are a priority on and off the sales floor. The ability to support team members throughout their career is a benefit that will attract and engage a variety of candidates. They will know, before applying, that yours is a company that cares for, and values, its staff. This should be an ethos that’s applied across your company. Indeed, the nurture of so-called ‘middling’ performers can yield larger results than the support given to the best sales consultants. Such habits bring everyone to the same standard to the benefit of your business.

The secret to attracting and engaging high performing sales consultants is to know where to begin your search, and to create a mutual understanding of what’s expected from both sides. As long as you’re able to provide sustained training opportunities and a supportive network you’ll keep valuable team members on side, and continue to build a company of which you’re proud.