The 5 best features of a Cloud VoIP Phone System

I have spoken, rather extensively, about some of the benefits of switching your telecoms from a traditional exchange to a cloud VoIP phone system; from cost and flexibility, to scalability and disaster recovery, a quick glance at the advantages of such a system should be enough to pique your interest. However, are you also aware of some of the features that you’d be getting from a cloud VoIP phone system? I’m not talking about call clarity or shiny buttons, but the types of feature you could often overlook. When it comes to supporting your small business can you really afford to be missing out on such benefits? Take a look at the list below and see how it tempts you…

The 5 best features of a Cloud VoIP Phone System


1. Flexibility

There’s that word again, but its flexibility really is the best feature of a cloud VoIP phone system. How else could you answer calls on your mobile regardless of where you are, dial into the system to check your messages whilst on holiday, or merrily upgrade your business without worrying whether your phone system is going to keep up? A VoIP phone system is the best way to push your company forwards, and to ensure that your means of communication matches your determination, and business prowess.

2. Call Screening

Perhaps you’ve never really thought about the importance of screening calls before, but once you’re able to you may wonder how you lived without such a feature. Since everything is hosted online, and operated from the same network, you’ll be able to see who’s calling you regardless of which device you’re answering. Isn’t that just elitist, though? Perhaps, but when it comes to business there will always be times when you need to manage the calls you’re receiving, and screening is a great way to see who’s calling before you answer and commit to a conversation.

3. Conference Calling

I mentioned being able to dial in to the system and retrieve messages, but how about being able to conference call from your living room, or access a better quality of call, and more reliable connection? With a cloud VoIP phone system you’ll have the freedom to speak to as many people as necessary, not to mention software that’s reliable enough for you to complete such a task without holding your breath.

4. Do Not Disturb

Much like those little signs you get in hotels, which alert the housekeeping team to your desire to sleep in, cloud VoIP phone systems can be programmed not to disturb you while you’re at your busiest. It’s as simple as it sounds; once the function has been activated your phone will cease to ring and your calls will be diverted to answerphone for such a time as you’re ready to deal with them. Many mobile phones now boast such a feature, so isn’t it about time your business line did too?

5. Tech Support

And so to tech support; cloud VoIP phone systems can sound complicated, and more than a little daunting when you first come to research them. Of course, once you get to know them you’ll find out that there’s very little to learn, but in the meantime you will have the support of a knowledgeable and dedicated team – you know, just in case.

When it comes to being the very best that you can be in business, few solutions will support you as readily, and completely, as a cloud VoIP phone system. As you can see from the features listed above, which only scratch the surface of such a system’s benefits, there are numerous reasons why your company should be considering such an investment. If you have any queries regarding the further benefits of cloud VoIP phone systems, or would like to talk about a free trial of such a system, please don’t hesitate to contact us.